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Tired with knitting April 22, 2006

Filed under: Crochet,Ramblings — Annaleis @ 5:14 pm

You know that scarf I was knitting earlier? Well I put in the hard yards over the last few days and got it finished. Now I’m on my way to stylish teacher-dom. Note the classy glasses and ribbed teacher top to complete the eye catching look.
finished scarf 2.JPG
I’m available for fashion shows on weekends. Tell your friends 😉

Team this with a long string of plastic pearls, some outrageous drop earrings and a mu-mu and you’ve got yourself a retired free-spirited labour voting relief teacher!
finished scarf 1.JPG

Onto lighter subjects: Road safety.
Just how safe are our roads? “Well,” you might tell yourself, “It’s been pretty wet and silppery on our roads lately, you can never be too careful.”
But really, what are the major dangers on our roads?
a) Rain and oil slicks?
b) Inattentatative drivers?
c) Drivers under the influence?
d) Speeding motorists?
e) Local wildlife leaving their natural habitat at night to tango with the traffic?
f) Feral nails and screws that plague our streets and prey on unsuspecting tyres, attaching themselves like leeches to our cars’ vulnerable underbellies, unbeknownst to the unfortunate driver, who then has to fork out for repair costs?

You guessed it. During some fateful, yet innocent drive out one day, a ruthless nail lodged itself into my relatively new tyre. Why? Why me? Is there no higher being looking down on us and controlling our fate, guiding the very events that shape us into who we are?
If there was, maybe that nail would have thought twice before penetrating my rubber.

Bloody nails.
At least my tyre isn’t flat. Yet.


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