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Guess what a six year old said to me today? June 19, 2008

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‘Miss, when you talk, you have a double chin!’



Workity work March 5, 2008

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This is the height of procrastination…I’m at school, after hours (the school is open late tonight due to a meeting that I need not attend) and I prepared myself for a work lock-in.  Thus far exactly NONE work has been started.  NONE.

But, Gio has got himself a mobile phone and called me! He’s apparently coming to see me the weekend after Easter for some drinks and chats.  I’ll hold him to that.  My day has just gotten brighter (Well, metaphorically speaking of course, the day is actually getting darker as it’s now after 5pm.  But I didn’t have to tell you that did I?).

Now, back to work!


Best school Evarrrr! July 10, 2007

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Why? I hear you mumble as you’re just about to click on some link to take you away from yet another horifically long winded blog post from mine truly?

Well click no further, because here are the reasons:

  1. Today at school I’ve got an hour and a half lunch break,
  2. I can use the computer in my classroom and nothing worthwhile checking (like email) has been blocked on account of it being unfit for looking at during school,
  3. The kids are rooooly noice and have a well planned day, which I just have to follow off the time table  (They know what they’re doing anyway),
  4. The school is a short walk away from where Mum and Dad are staying, so I don’t have to waste precious monies getting around London (Hurrah!)

That is all. Bye!


Thorry! June 7, 2007

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Oi youse blokes,

Sup?  I know it seems that I’ve been slack but believe it or not, I’m actually really busy.


Yes, working, what did you think I was doing?  Having fun?  Pfft!

Anyway, sorry to Nig and Nic, cos I haven’t yet linked your illustrious weblogs to my own superior (but only in the entire worlds eyes) weblog.  It will be done, as you wish. At the appropriate juncture.  All in good time.

In more interesting news,  I’ve been working in a nursery in SW London, which is really cool.  I’m saving up as much as I can before me Ma and Da (That’s Welsh for ‘th’oldies’) skip the country to come and see me!  Hoorah!  Hooray!

I have to go,  I’m using the agency’s puter. They don’t like it when I stay up all night checkin’ out Things Like This…



Publican February 19, 2007

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I’m now officially living at the pub with Dave and Dave, and their cats, Snac and Oscar. I’ve got my own room which I’ve decked out with flat pack furniture from Argos, and discovered that I have a lot more stuff now than when I first got here. My two suitcases and hand luggage have now expanded to include a blow-up mattress, doonas, lots of books and tubs of junk necessary items.
This week marks he second week of the half-term break. All schools here have a week long holiday in the middle of the term, but some schools had theirs last week, and others are holidaying this week. This impacts me a fair bit because it means that there’s only half the work around for the fortnight. So, I’ve been up since 6:45am getting ready for school, rang the agency at 7am and I’ve been sitting around ever since waiting for their call to tell me which nightmare they’re inflicting on me today.

Hopefully they’ll give me the day off 🙂 I’ve got better things to do, like buy a sheet for my bed. And get Oscar off my bed. Bloody cats.

What else has been happening? Not much apart from that. But it’s good enough for me right now.

Oh yeah, The Cat Empire are coming to Shepherd’s Bush this week! I’m going! Just try and stop me…actually, don’t you dare!


No Bread today February 4, 2007

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Well now, where do I begin? 

I’ll start about the time when Bread and I went to France and carry on from there.  How does that sound?

The morning was pitch black and slippery when we emerged from the terrace house where I am staying.  We wheeled our suitcases down the cobbled and glistening paths to the overland train station, the start of our journey to Luton airport. 

After train delays and a shuttle bus driver who turned up 15 minutes late, we thought we’d missed our 50 minute flight to Charles de Gaulle airport.  Luckily we arrived just in time for late check-in. Phew!

We were ill prepared for the weather that Paris was having at the time.  With frostbitten fingers we managed to crawl our way to the Metro (Paris version of the tube) and speak a little french to some poor unsuspecting billet seller.

The hotel we stayed at was comfortable, warm and cheap, and it had a shower, which is more than I can say for where I’m living.  There was a small problem with the water when we first got there, but luckily that was sorted out by the evening.

That first night we got a little local sightseeing in, then bunkered down for the night.

The next day we opened the curtains the find it was actually snowing!  So we wrapped up as warmly as we could (not warmly enough), and did some more sight seeing as well as a lot of excuse moi-ing, pardon-ing and bonsoir-ing.    We went to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and that night we walked up the street to see the Moulin Rouge, not so conspicuously tucked in amongst the peep shows and sex bars that surrounded it.

The next day was spent at Disneyland Paris.  By this time it was so cold that the footpaths sported a thin shield of ice, and the waterfalls were frozen in long shards as they trickled down the fibreglass mountains.  Unfortunately it didnt’ show again.  To keep from becoming too cold, we had to keep going into a ride or a shop about every 10-15 minutes.  Any more time spent outside than that was just painfully cold.

Most of the meals we ate consisteted largely of baguettes and croissonts.  That can get pretty boring even after 3 days.  None-the-less, in an effort to save some money (there’s no denying it – we’re tight), Bread and I smuggled in half a baguette to snack on as we toured around Frontier Land.  It was pretty much frozen at 1pm when we decided we were a bit peckish.  We ate it anyway 😉

The next day was check-out day, but we still had a few hours to fill, so we went to Notre Dame, but there was a huge funeral procession going on at the time (you might have seen us on the news!), so then we went to Champs-Elysees which is where the shops are, and which also leads up to the Arc de Triomphe. After having a spot of lunch at the rudest place we could find, we worked our way back to Charles de Gaulle in time for our flight back to the good old UK.

The next day was Bread’s last day.  We took a quick trip down to Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, then packed up her bags and saw her off at the station, because I couldn’t get out of work.

That’s enough blogging for now.  I’d just like to thank Bread for coming all the way over here to visit her old uni buddy.  We had a lot of fun and did something every day.  I think there were only 5 days altogether where we weren’t being touristy, and that was because I was sick for a few days, or had to work.

So thanks again Bread,  your stuff will be in the post soon.


Oot and aboot January 12, 2007

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Hi there, I’m back for a little soiree on the internet during lunch time at a school today (I’ve got yr 3’s, they’re awesome!)
As most of you know Bread Bread is here, and we’ve been touring up a storm!
So far we have been to Windsor Castle and Eton, got photos with Cap’n Jack (jealous?), saw a heap of huge fishes in huge tanks, saw London from the top of an overgrown Ferris Wheel, watched a movie-film or two, had tea with the Queen at Buck Palace (well almost – she pretended she wasn’t home…), listened to Big Ben and checked out the remains of Diana’s famous dresses.
Bread will be here for another couple of weeks, and we’ve got a lot of stuff planned!
Yesterday we booked tickets to Paris, and we’re staying for 3 nights! The day after we arrive we are going to Disneyland! Wahey! (Sorry, picked that up from some poms…won’t happen again.)
We’re also taking a day trip to Brighton in the next week or so (south of London on the coast – pebbley beaches here we come!)
Oh yeah, we might even squeeze in a trip to the theatre so see either Avenue Q or Cirque du Soleil – Alegria

Well, sadly lunch is coming to an end and I have to get off the internet.
I hope everyone is well and that Bread’s sister still hasn’t squidged out a kid 😉
Until next time, Gadget!

PS; There are lots of pics to put up now – stay tuned!