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Just precisely what has been going on? June 10, 2008

Filed under: Ramblings — Annaleis @ 4:36 pm

A few things really. Well, that was a bit of a fib, cos nothing that exciting has been happening except…

I’m going to Northern Ireland on Friday!

That’s right, I’m off to a wedding (one of Dernie’s mates), and off to meet his family (eek!). Apparently the famous Donegal Ralley is on as well, so I get to see lots of Donegal too. Good times.

We fly into Belfast on Friday morning, then drive to Omagh, Northern Ireland.

I also had to purchase one dress for this occasion. Also good times.

And shoes 😉

So what, I hear you ask? Well, I like shoes. Isn’t that enough?

I’ll be back on Sunday, ready for work Monday morning. Bad times.

I’m starting to get ‘when are you coming home?’ questions. The answer to this conundrum is August 31! But please give me a day or two to get back on my feet before you ring me (I’m watching you, Nicolllllle!)

But…before this happens, Marcus and Hayley will be here on June 26 to visit and do lots of touring! And I’m getting way too excited and planning things for them to do in their precious spare time! They’ll be buggered!

OK, I neither have the content or desire to write any more for now. Supply teaching has drained it out of me.

Until next time…


4 Responses to “Just precisely what has been going on?”

  1. Em Says:

    Hello stranger! I’m so happy to read that you’re sill having fun. Keep being happy an stuff! 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Josie Says:

    Are you coming back home for good??? What about your new guy?

  3. Annaleis Says:

    Hey! Great to hear from you both! Dernie is coming home with me for a bit, around Octoberish due to visa restrictions. We’ll head back to London in January, so we’re here for Christmas! 😀

  4. Josie Says:

    Cool.. Sounds serious with Dernie!!
    Things are good here in Melbs!! Hope you are really well!!

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