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A Grand Day Out June 29, 2008

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Marcus and Hayley have come to visit, and Dernie and I have been showing them around!
Here’s what we’ve been up to:

They arrived;

We went to see Trafalgar Square;

We got hungry and ate stuff,

We visited some old friends at Madame Tussauds’ joint,

And giggled at various things on the London Eye (OK, they giggled at me…).

Last but not least we checked out the Tower of London, before heading to Euston so Marcus and Hayley could check into their hotel.  Tomorrow at dawn they set off for Europe on a bus.

Have fun guys, see you in a few weeks!


I gots technology… May 18, 2008

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Heya youse blokes, just checkin’ in and updating things that have happened recently:

I received a belated Christmas pressie last week that I am totally rapt with, in the form of an IPod Nano! I was so excited and scared of scratching it that I went out the next day and used some of my John Lewis (bit like pommy Myers) vouchers that my old school gave me as a leaving present and bought a swish red leather case.

Here is my pride and joy pictured with my new Laptop – if you look closely you can see whose website I was looking at at the time…

Marcus’! I thought it only fitting as the gift was from him and Hayley. Thankyou guys, I love it!

You might be thinking ‘Good one Annaleis, bout time you got a lap top! Geez!’ and you’re right, it was about time, so I managed to acquire one thanks to Dernie 🙂 He set it all up for me and fixes it when I can’t figure out what it’s doing or when the internet connection drops out, causing me to nearly slug it up the chops. Which for anyone who knows me, is unsurprisingly often.

My social calendar is quickly filling up these days, not only am I working full weeks supply teaching (not bad really!) but my weekends are being overrun with activities. Take last weekend for example, Dernie found out on Friday that he’d landed a new job, and we couldn’t let that go uncelebrated, so we celebrated in the central London pubs and drank rum and Diet coke (with lime, people – I’m posh now!). The next day I nursed a hangover while lounging around in the 27 degree heat in Richmond Park, near Wimbledon (ah what a life!)

This weekend was very quiet. The highlight was that I had a kebab for tea last night. It was very nice thankyou. Precisely NONE alcohol was consumed.

Moving right along, next Saturday I am going Air-softing (yay!) with my flatmates! I’ve been once before and loved it. Everyone there gets dressed up in hardcore army gear (except Andy J and myself, who aren’t hardcore in the least) and shoot big black guns filled with little white pellets at each other. They sting when you’re up close, believe me!

The day is set up into different games, and is a lot like Unreal Tournament, because you play ‘capture the flag’ style games, and each team (there are two teams, red and blue) might have a different objective, like protect the box full of nothing, but you only have one life, and the other team has to capture the box, but they might have unlimited lives etc.

It’s a pretty full day, we’ll be out of the flat at around 6am to drive up north to this place, and we’ll be back probably by nightfall. Lots of fun though!

The weekend AFTER all that, Dernie and I are going to Ireland for the weekend – partly so I can meet the family (eek!) and partly to attend his mate’s wedding. I got to buy a pretty dress to wear so I’m happy. Wanna see it? Too bad! I still have to buy shoes that match, and Andy T reckons I need a big flouncy hat…I don’t think so Tim.

Anyway, that’s enough blogging for one month. Until next time kids!

ps. Happy birthday Bread Bread! Have fun in Hobart with the kiddies!


The day Gio came to stay April 9, 2008

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Some of youse have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, and I’ve been saving my blogging prowess until something exciting happened, and guess what? It has!

The first exciting thing that happened is that Gio made it to ‘Londinium’ after all this time, and we celebrated this miraculous occurrence starting on Friday afternoon by first picking him up from Paddington station (I recognised him immediately because he described himself as being dressed as a twat), organising him an Oyster, then going straight to Piccadilly for a whistle-stop tour of central London (and over here to your ‘yawn’ left, is Big Ben, millennium wheel, Downing Street etc blah blah). I’ve done this quite a few times now and I’m really starting to take it for granted…not good.

Big Ben and the London Eye

We ended up getting very hungry and thirsty and going to the Porterhouse pub in Covent Garden for some much needed Boags Premium, and when that got too crowded moved on to the Walkabout pub next door for some Crownies and…Sambucca… 😉 Not to mention the Chocolate Mini Eggs that Gio ate off the (sticky) floor

Crownies at the Walkabout

Dernie Showed up some time after that specifically to laugh at us and buy us some drinks, because we were still thirsty. Noice of him! We left the pub at closing time and took the bus back to my flat. By this time I was very tired…and sober…

Go the number 13 bus!

I don\'t remember this bit, ergo, it didn\'t happen.

See? There’s me being sober

Everything else that night has been made up.  I reasoned that if something is not in my memory then it (obviously) did not happen. Suffice it to say that my flatmates, Gio and Dernie all laughed at me the next day. Ha blimmin’ ha.

At this point I need to say that Friday was the warmest day London has seen this year, it was full-on shorts weather, though I refused to suffer the indignity of bearing my pasty legs. The Saturday must have been one of the coldest days of the year, and on the Sunday I woke up and the whole city looked like this:

The backyard

This was about 10am, in the garden at my flat. Snowfights ensued. 😀

The snow ball

He was aiming for me!

An old Irish trick

‘Just stand under this tree for a minute – there’s a good girl…’



What a shot!

Tulip Icecreams

We made it through our snow war, then went to Hampstead Heath to experience a bit more.  There were some crazy people there wandering around in shorts, but unfortunately I don’t have those photos.  The snow had melted almost completely by the afternoon. 😦 but it was great while it lasted!

That night was another party, this time in my flat, organised by my flatmates. about 10 of us consumed about 5 pizzas, plus sides and 15 bottles of wine.  I did not feel very well halfway through the night so piked it really early (hehe sorry Gio!)  The next day was G’s last day so we went back into town, did a little more sightseeing (this time at the National Gallery – very swish!) then I dropped him back at Paddington Bear station, and he was never heard of again.

Since then I’ve done nothing but sleep, so thanks Gio for coming to visit me and making the snowy weekend even better!

Until next time something exciting happens…


White Christmas? December 17, 2007

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Yep, while all you yobbos back home are sunning yourselves and trying your best to get skin cancer, I’m having a great wintery Christmas, full of mulled wine and drunken-Santa Christmas parties in Covent Garden. 

Lately it’s been so cold that people have been staying inside.  I was hoping it was going to snow today, it still might if i’m lucky.  Or unlucky;  I still have to walk home!

Since winter began I’ve been ice skating outdoors in East London, everywhere has been all prettied up – bright lights covering the street lamps and twinkling ones in all the trees make you feel like you’re in A Christmas Carol. All this and then Bing Crosby arrives, blaring out ‘Winter Wonderland’ from the back of the local pub.

Temperatures here have been hitting nearly freezing during the day, it’s a lot colder than it was last year – and my flatmates are laughing at me because I bought some hard-core thermals the other day to take to Scotland (where it really is snowing!)  I think I’ll definitely be using them continuously for the 10 days I’ll be there.

All in all Christmas is shaping up to be pretty damn good.  There are 2 more days left of school, and tomorrow is our party day when Father ‘I don’t go by Santa anymore’ Christmas will come to visit.

After that I’ll have a nice early Christmas dinner with me mate Dave (Brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner?  Whatever next!), then go and see my flatmate singing at a Christmas concert, then I’m off on the train to Edinburgh!

So Good luck and Merry Christmas everyone.  Don’t forget to have a beer for me,  I’ll be doing the same for you!


July/August 2007 August 25, 2007

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Although the English weather tried its best to destroy my spirits, I still managed to have a great summer, helped mainly by the presence of me Ma and Da, who as you avid followers of blogdom know, came over to visit Europe for 3 weeks, and me for 7.

I’m pleased to announce that they made it back to Australia safely, and are still suffering the pangs of jetlag.

Enough of that formal bollocks, let’s get down to the real stuff!

One sunny weekend we took a train to Brighton for a grand day out. The beach there is fantastic, not a grain of sand in sight, and those funny little deckchairs are for hire that you thought you would only see on telly.


Check out the sand:


That’s something I don’t wanna get in my eyes.

Enough of that gallivanting about on beaches.

On Saturday July 21 we packed our bags, left Golders Green, tubed to Edgware with our bags in tow and picked up our hire car. No Air-con, but that’s OK, right? Not so right. Anyway, from London we travelled North on the M1 until we reached York, about 3 hours drive away, methinks.

York is a smaller city in the county of Yorkshire, and was settled by the Romans way back in the day, and also has a long and bloody viking history too. It’s got a cute little castle called Clifford’s Tower, where many of the Jewish community were burned alive for some real or imagined slight back in the days of old.


It used to be made of wood, and you can pay a few quid to go up into it and see the car park next door.

York Minster was pretty amazing


I particularly liked these kingly dudes, who were camped out inside


Sorry they’re so blurry, my camera is afraid ofthe dark.

We also went to a car/plane/bike show. Interesting stuff.

100_5125.jpg 100_5117.jpg

That’s enough for now, my eyes are pulsating and it just doesn’t feel right.  Coming up in the next installment, Edinburgh, Loch Ness, John O’Groats and much more!

Stay tuned.



Up and Down and Back Again August 4, 2007

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Hi once again from the Emerald Isle!
Just a little update for you avid fans out there…

After touring in a hired Fiat Punto around Scotland, then south through Cumbria and into Wales (visiting some rather quaint little unpronouncable villages along the way – some with buildings older than the nation in which I was born), we have now arrived in the greenest of the green lands – no, not Greenland, you fools – Ireland!

We have just finished day 1 of an 8 day bus tour which promises to take us around the coastal areas of the Republic of Ireland, and into Northern Ireland. We have been promised a world of fun, and so far the tour company have delivered, and I have sampled the kiss of the Blarney Stone, which may to some extent explain why I’m dribbling so much today. And so eloquently too.

Over the next few days we’ll go see the Gaint’s Causeway and other such attractions, and probably drink lots o’f Guinness. After the tour we’re heading straight back to Bristol, picking up our new hire car and heading to South West England, where we’ll tour the likes of Weston-super-Mare (Bottom fans will understand), Cornwall and Devon.

In Cornwall we’ll be going to Lands end, which ties into where we went in Scotland, a lovely little place called John O’Groats, which just happens to be the furthest distance in Britain from Lands end in Cornwall. I’ll have been to both extremes! Hurrah.
OK, signing off now –
It’s going to be great Craic!


Bu GERK! July 9, 2007

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Hello, back again, this time in a tiny little internet cafe just outside the school I’m teaching in today.  Nursery, hurrah.  It’s alright really, I know the kids here and this morning the agency told me I was to be a nursery nurse, which, as you all know, only earns me about half the pay than if I was teaching.  Luckily, when I got to the school, they knew nothing about it and so I’m the ‘teacher’, so I get nearly twice as much pay for the same job!  Yay!

In other news, Mum and Dad are in London visiting and having a great time.  Yesterday I dragged them off to Brighton (Sussex), where the grains of sand can be counted easily with the naked eye, and the sun shines weakly in the cornflower blue sky.  It doens’t stop all those tough poms though, they’re wandering around all over the place with barely a whisker of clothing, imagining they’re on the Gold Coast, and getting a ‘tan’ by laying a towel on the ‘sand’ or hiring a stripey deckchair and laying veeeery still.  Lots of people where doing great lobster impressions later that day.  More photos to come.

I still managed to get burnt though.  Dammit.

Dammity damn damn damn.

The summer holidays start here on July 20,  and I’m trying to get as much work as possible between now and then, so me and th’ Ol Things can go traipsing around the countryside during the ‘summer’.

Did you hear about the floods?  Half of England is covered with water, and for the last month or so it’s been about 12 degrees maximum.  We’ve had two sunny days.  Great summer.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer.  It better be.  Or else.

Did I mention earlier that I have a job?  A proper full-time teaching-in-the-same-school-forever job?  I don’t think I did.  Anyway, more on that later, except to say that I start in September, around the time I go to see Prince.

Gots ta go, lunch breaks are never big enough.

Tah rah!