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Just precisely what has been going on? June 10, 2008

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A few things really. Well, that was a bit of a fib, cos nothing that exciting has been happening except…

I’m going to Northern Ireland on Friday!

That’s right, I’m off to a wedding (one of Dernie’s mates), and off to meet his family (eek!). Apparently the famous Donegal Ralley is on as well, so I get to see lots of Donegal too. Good times.

We fly into Belfast on Friday morning, then drive to Omagh, Northern Ireland.

I also had to purchase one dress for this occasion. Also good times.

And shoes 😉

So what, I hear you ask? Well, I like shoes. Isn’t that enough?

I’ll be back on Sunday, ready for work Monday morning. Bad times.

I’m starting to get ‘when are you coming home?’ questions. The answer to this conundrum is August 31! But please give me a day or two to get back on my feet before you ring me (I’m watching you, Nicolllllle!)

But…before this happens, Marcus and Hayley will be here on June 26 to visit and do lots of touring! And I’m getting way too excited and planning things for them to do in their precious spare time! They’ll be buggered!

OK, I neither have the content or desire to write any more for now. Supply teaching has drained it out of me.

Until next time…


The air failed the softness test May 25, 2008

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Yesterday I was driven up North to a village called Bury with a car full of guns’n’ammo. There was a very good reason for this, and let me point out that the guns weren’t exactly the bullet-shooting type; instead they were the little hard round pellet shooting type. Which in some ways can be much worse, but I can’t think of any way that might be worse right now. Scratch that last bit.

Anyway, back to rambling…

I went along with two of my flatmates – Andy T, an ex-paratrooper army-type, Andy J, a vegetarian pacifist, and non-flatmate Nick (another pf these ex-army types who seem to know what they’re doing). We were a motley crew.

When we got there we donned our army gear and strapped our weapons to our bodies (Andy J did a good impression of Hannibal Lecter crossed with Lara Croft) and had our weapons tested by the Marshalls who were there to make sure people didn’t cheat (You there, behind the tree, TAKE YOUR HIT!).

The first taste of the action I received was right in the mush, just above my lip. It was reasonably close range too because we were inside a building and I was hiding behind a door that I’d pulled into the corridor for cover. I jumped out to shoot and he got my first…it brought tears to my eyes.
Luckily these guns only shoot little plastic pellets, but still, they can injure if they get you in the wrong spot.

Towards the end of the day I was in another building with a group of hard-core army types, and I hear screaming. Everyone stops fighting and crowds around to check it out – there’s a guy clutching himself bent over double against the wall shouting ‘You shot me in the bollocks you %$£*!” I was surprised, as while a couple of guys emitted empathetic groans, a lot of the blokes there couldn’t supress their giggles – you’d think they’d have a bit more sympathy for this guy – it could have been them!

By far the highlight of the day was just after that incident, when I’d just bumped into Andy T again, after he’d been ‘hit’, which meant that he had to wander off to the re-gen point before he cold rejoin the game. He went all professional on me, and slung his rifle over his shoulder at the bottom of a staircase, which harboured at least 3 members of the opposing red team (we were blue). He carefully removed his pistol from its holster, and crept up the stairs, simultaneously removing his last grenade (little smoke bomb) from his pocket, striking it and tossing it onto the landing. If you are in a room where a grenade goes off, no matter how big the room is, you’re dead and have to go back to re-gen. He got two of them, and they came down calling ‘dead man walking!’ with their hands in the air. He crept carefully to the top of the landing, and emptied the other rooms of opposition before zoning in on the last room with a red player inside.

From there he starts signalling to me asking if I have a grenade, but I don’t, so he creeps forward, as another ex-army type arrives to back him up. The opposing player in the room kicks the door shut, fearing a grenade will finish him off, so Andy and the new bloke take their positions, and storm the room, shooting and shouting until the red player shouts ‘HIT!’ and puts his hands up, exits the room smiling. Andy pats him on the back and says ‘Good man’, and they have a big of a laugh about it.

It was pretty amazing to watch, and if you sit back and just observe all day you can see scenarios like this occurring all over the site. Personally I just liked doing my own thing, sometimes getting pretty close to the action, getting shot a fair few times (nothing too bad, I didn’t get any marks this time apart from one or two on my face – and yes I was wearing safety goggles) and I even managed to shoot a few soldiers myself, without getting shot.

It turns out Andy was shot at pretty close range during that last scuffle, right in the guts. He’s now sporting a seriously black and blue new belly button, but all’s fair in love and war.


Nommuch really April 25, 2008

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That’s the answer I’ve generally been giving to people lately when they ask what I’ve been up to. It’s not entirely true of course because there are always things going on, it’s just whether or not I think you’ll be interested in replies like ‘I’m doing a few shifts at the pub because school holidays have been on’ or ‘I lost my voice on Wednesday and and still struggling to make much noise’, and it’s also to do with whether or not I can be bothered going into detail about why these things are happening. A simple answer is never enough for my friends and acquaintances.

So, shall I go into adequate detail for you now?

What I have been up to:

As was mentioned above, school holidays have indeed been on, this is a rather bittersweet occasion for me at the moment, because although it’s a welcome 2 week break, it also means that I’ve left the school (and nursery class) that I’ve been teaching at since the start of the school year, and I miss those little tykes. It also means that I have no pay for two weeks, which can be a bit of a struggle when you’ve got shedloads of rent to pay, and council tax to pay (stupid England).

This is why I’ve been working back with Dave at the pub, and it’s been pretty good. Half price meals again, as much juice as I can drink, sleep-ins in the morning, ah this is the life!

OK, school holidays are over and done with now, and I’ve had a couple of days work so far. Yesterday there was a teacher’s strike, so I didn’t like my chances of being called in anyway, and incidentally, I’m really glad no one called because I seem to have lost my voice. Great. This means that I couldn’t work today either, and I was booked up and everything. D’oh! It’s not all bad, it gives me a chance to make some ANZACS and…do nothing really.

Next week things are looking brighter, I’ve already got 3 days booked, and one of them is at the school I went to last week. Apparently they liked me and asked for me back, which is allegedly a rarity within that school. Yay me!

So, all in all, what have I really been up to?  To summarise this entire post, nommuch really.


Swedish keyboards are funny February 18, 2008

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They’ve got three extra letters, å, ä and ö.  Just go with it.

I spose youse blokes wanna see some photos?  Well these were taken yesterday, and I’ve got a few minutes up my sleeve so I’d thought I’d share them.

Lindy took us on a bit of a walking tour yesterday, so here we are with some of the landmarks in the Old town and City Hall, where we’re going to try and go on a tour today.  We also have tickets to see the Vasa, which is an old viking ship, apparently it’s really good.



Lindy and Me outside the City Hall
Dermot and me on the bridge outside City Hall, round the corner a bit.
That’s enough for now, there’s no time for mucking about!  We must off! Tally ho!

I’ve been told January 19, 2008

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to update my bloglet.

Your will be done. Sires.

OK, firstly, since Christmas I’ve been with Dani to Edinburgh where lots of drinks and funs were had, until we had a little bit of a scuffle and both ended up on crutches (D’oh!).  Poor Dani broke her foot and poor stupid me dislocated my knee (again), which resulted in Dani leaving for Australia before the Hogmany celebrations.  Nonetheless, we had a great time up there and I’d love to go again another year! You up for it Danza?

I ended up spending New Years with some new-found friends, and watched the incredible fireworks exploding from Edinburgh Castle at the infamous Street Party – amazing stuff.

Moving right along…

Last weekend I met up with Matt and his girlfriend Eliza (who I recently discovered are living in London) and they invited me along with an interesting night out in Covent Garden – the ‘ex-Tasmanian Londoners’ gathering.  It was a good night; I met Matt and Eliza and their friend Kit at Embankment tube, then we took a short walk along the Strand and slipped unnoticed into the Porterhouse pub, directly opposite the Australia Shop (for all your Tim Tam needs).

We met up with Eliza’s friend Skye-from-Devonport, whereupon we commenced the sampling of the rather large beer collection. Kit and I in particular were most impressed with the Belgian chocolate beer! Mmmm….

After we wandered around for half an hour trying to spot Ricky Ponting look-a-likes we finally settled at a table resigned to the possibility that we might be the only Taswegians there tonight.  Three rounds later we’d moved onto drinking Boags Premium, and it was at this moment when a scout from another group of stranded Tassies noticed us, and invited us to join the group upstairs! Huzzah!  Henceforth, good fun was had by all until the pub was closed, whereupon these photos were sagely tooken.  Thanks to Eliza for passing them on to me!

 Kit, me, Skye-from-Devonport and Eliza
Skye, Matt, Eliza, Kit and me


Kit, me and Eliza – ‘I’ll have two drinks please bar wench!’
Thanks for watching kids! Seeya next time!


False Start October 22, 2007

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Sorry guys, I’ve got it here for you, it’s just a matter of getting the pics to work! Fingers crossed for tomorrow

Here’s something to whet your appetite in the meantime:




More Scotland



(Just in case you forget who I am)


Up and Down and Back Again August 4, 2007

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Hi once again from the Emerald Isle!
Just a little update for you avid fans out there…

After touring in a hired Fiat Punto around Scotland, then south through Cumbria and into Wales (visiting some rather quaint little unpronouncable villages along the way – some with buildings older than the nation in which I was born), we have now arrived in the greenest of the green lands – no, not Greenland, you fools – Ireland!

We have just finished day 1 of an 8 day bus tour which promises to take us around the coastal areas of the Republic of Ireland, and into Northern Ireland. We have been promised a world of fun, and so far the tour company have delivered, and I have sampled the kiss of the Blarney Stone, which may to some extent explain why I’m dribbling so much today. And so eloquently too.

Over the next few days we’ll go see the Gaint’s Causeway and other such attractions, and probably drink lots o’f Guinness. After the tour we’re heading straight back to Bristol, picking up our new hire car and heading to South West England, where we’ll tour the likes of Weston-super-Mare (Bottom fans will understand), Cornwall and Devon.

In Cornwall we’ll be going to Lands end, which ties into where we went in Scotland, a lovely little place called John O’Groats, which just happens to be the furthest distance in Britain from Lands end in Cornwall. I’ll have been to both extremes! Hurrah.
OK, signing off now –
It’s going to be great Craic!