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Trip to Ireland – just a taste August 21, 2007

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Well guys, I’m back in good old London, home sweet home I guess.

I can now say that I’ve been around the UK and Ireland, but now’s not the time for me to be bombarding you with stories and photos, although I know you’re actually looking forward to all that.

Just a little background info – we went on a bus/backpackers tour around the Republic of Ireland and into Northern Ireland. Most people on the tour are going to organise themselves to put their photos onto a photobucket folder that has been created to us tourists to share our photos. Only a few people have managed to do this so far. Mine will get there eventually.

Phil and Lyn added this picture that just happened to have me in it. It was a memorial to all the Irish people who tried to flee the famine and ended up on ships to America and other such places. Many died during these journies, and few of those who made it to the other side survived the wait they endured while docked in their new country, unable to leave the ships while paperwork was sorted.


Thanks Phil and Lyn, I hope you don’t mind me pinching this pic.


The things you find August 31, 2006

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Remember how last week I mentioned I’d been clearing out my room for my imminent departure? Well I found all my old art folders from school dating back to 1998, when I was in grade 9. It documents part of an artistic wave that I am still riding, although now I tend to keep to my small watercolours or portraiture sketches, which bloom in fits and starts each time I remember that I am supposed to be some sort of closet artist. The wave, sadly, has trickled its way down to a sticky sop at the bottom of a drainpipe, and I find myself wondering what has happened to my creativity? Then I realise that it’s all been redirected into thinking of easy things for kids to make that won’t look completely stupid when they’ve finished wrecking decorating their various ‘presents’ for their poor hapless parents.

So here I am, taking photos of the last 8 years of my artistic life. A lot was thrown out, and what I have to show for it today are the dribs and drabs that either bring back some sort of memorial twinge of the days when I painted a particular piece, or that I think are too good to throw away, because I simply couldn’t reproduce them.

Here are a few examples of the things I’ve found that are any way half decent. You can look at them full sized if you go to the new Flickr widget I’ve just added to my sidebar. 😀

handcopy.JPG watercolourlandscape.JPG watercolourmini.JPG pencilnativetreegr11.JPG


Oh yeah, only 9 days to go before I flee the country!


Spacescape July 11, 2006

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This guy is amazing.

I’m not sure who came up with this technique, but the results are almost ‘photorealistic’ and are attained in such a creative and resourcful way. The finished picture reminds me of an old board game called “Game of Knowledge”.


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Doodle doodle, draw draw. April 12, 2006

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I have a Friend called Nigel, who was one of the brave souls who, upon graduating with a computing degree from Uni decided to spend a year travelling and teaching English in South Korea.

What does this have to do with drawing? Well, Nigel just happens to be one of the best artists I know, and one late night while talking online with him, lamenting over the boredom-bout I was then experiencing, he told me to start drawing again. He said to get the biggest piece of anything I could get my hands on and spend a good few days making a piece of art so great that I wouldn’t want to part with it for a long time. And then send him some pictures 😉 .

I did the next best thing I could, right at that moment, as it was after midnight at the time.

drawing of oscar1.JPG

I found an old A3 sketchbook, grabbed a 2B pencil and started to sketch the most interesting thing in my room. Oscar just happened to be on my bed, snoozing. Unlike the usual manner with which he presents himself in my boudoir, burying himself under my blankets and chasing poor old Bunny.