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Me update August 21, 2006

Filed under: Oscar,Ramblings — Annaleis @ 8:07 pm

Punctuate that title as you will, depending on how much of a bogan you think I am. 😉

It’s not often I get my hair cut. In fact, my hairdresser was amazed last week when I Waltzed my Matilda into the local salon, because it had been less than 6 months since she’d last seen me. I’m surprised she even recognises me at all some years.

Nonetheless, I did promise the last time I had my hair cut that I’d be in within the next 6 months. By Lucifer, did I keep my word! It was cut last Thursday, pretty much the same as before but about 2.5cm shorter (an inch to you old farts).

Now when I put it up I need a hair slide for the back. I might as well get an undercut next time. 😉

What say you?

Sohpie Dahl better watch herself when I land in London.

Room update:

And to your left, a rare glimpse into what can only be described as a rarity in these wild forests…Bedroomius Flooriana.

I haven’t seen this much of my room since I was 12.

Pretty peach tree update:


Millions of peaches – peaches for me!

Gratuitous Oscar photo

That concludes me update.

See you on the flip flop, or thong, as we Aussies say.


14 Responses to “Me update”

  1. deaddarla Says:

    nice hair! did you go to sea change?

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Yeah, I like it in there, one of my grade 1 kids showed up for a hair cut and got instantly shy hehe. It was really cute!

  3. Em Says:

    oH my god
    your bedroom
    your hair
    so sad…
    *lip wobble, eye twitch* manga style

  4. Danielle Says:

    You DO look like Sophie Dahl!

  5. Al Says:

    I think she looks more like Jame May

  6. Marcus Says:

    you update
    me read

  7. Annaleis Says:

    You WISH I looked like James May…

  8. Danielle Says:

    I’m sorry Annaleis but that was really funny!

    Apparently we’ll be catching up with you on Saturday night. Your bro has invited us – hope that’s ok!

  9. Annaleis Says:

    Are you coming up Friday night too for the bogan-fest at the pub? You can if you want, just don’t bring Cleo – she’ll beat up Oscar.

  10. Danielle Says:

    I’m afraid we’ll miss the bogan-fest (Geoff would fit in well with his new bogan ute….). We’re coming up Saturday and after a family tea will be driving back to Launnie that night, so figured we might pop in on our way home. Is that cool? Mugs said it was…

  11. Annaleis Says:

    Yeah that’s ok 🙂
    I’ll save you some savoury toast!

  12. Danielle Says:

    Yum Yum.

  13. Brendan was ere. 2007

  14. Dr Hercule Koonalingus Says:

    I would love to spruce you up with my wicked hot tongue, u buxom red-headed strumpet. I would then do it to you hard and fast, just the way aussie girls like it, I wouldn’t waste our love time with none of that continental stuff.

    Love Hercule

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