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Those long London weeknights just got a bit brighter October 17, 2006

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Look what I discovered!

I haven’t been there yet, but it looks like a pommy Spotlight!  And my closest store is only 3 tube stops away! Salvation is at hand!

It’s about time I had a new scarf.

Oh yeah, worked yesterday at Chalk Farm, which is really just down the road.  One agency rang me three times this morning to go somewhere this arvo but unfortunately I came down with a cold last night, and decided that I’d rather rest up and not lose my voice by shouting over row upon row of ugly, ugly children. 😉

Hopefully I’ll be fine tomorrow, I’m working in the afternoon.

Til then, cheerio pip pip!


Idle Hands July 9, 2006

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This week I only had 1 day of relief work. The music day. It didn’t go too badly, but up until then, I was pressed for something – anything to do.

So I did the Devil’s work, and made lots of pretty flowers for Catherine to scrapbook with. I hope she likes them! I even made a couple of leaves in case she feels the need to horticulturalise things further.


I am the pretty packaging queen!


From the very tiny…


To the brobdingnagian!


A yittle yeaf.

Again, I used this pattern for the flowers, but I don’t think I’ll be needing it anymore. I did the last 15 flowers off by heart.

I was also inspired to make a little hand bag, mainly because my Mum (Hi Mum! :D) was in the market for a bag for her friend’s birthday.

After a glorious, although rather extravagant purchasing session at Spotlight, we were able to make these bags:


Good male models are hard to come by


I know, it’s wonky. Trust me to make a pattern up as I go then not write it down properly for the other side to match up…


A close up of the flower – It’s the same one from the ‘Flowers and Frills‘ post, sewn on afterwards.


Here’s Mum’s bag, she not only did a better job at matching up the sides, but she made an awesome flower (that you can’t really see :(), and she lined it like an expert!


She also made this cute array of beady things to hang off the bag!

So, what’s next? Dishcloths you say? or perhaps the ever fashionable doily? Nay, I’m not up for that hardcore stuff just yet.

Oh, and Bread-Bread, or anyone else for that matter I suppose, if you’d like a flower of some sort to do with what it is you are want to do, just leave a comment and tell me a colour. Don’t forget to be nice. I can do double colours too if need be, and they can be made into whatever you want (key tag things, brooches etc). 😉

I hope I don’t live to regret this… Goodbive!


Flowers and Frills July 2, 2006

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Hello folks. My voice has returned and I have had harsh words with it, although – despite my harsh authority – it is still threatening to give me the silent treatment.

So, what to do, what to do? In order to avoid the ongoing pain I still experience through vocalisation, I devised a cunning plan which not only allows, but fosters communication en masse, and yet does not rely on the vibratory reflexes of certain bodily organs.

I speak of the blogging mechanism all humans possess in their subconscious. Luckily I know how to tap into my sub-blogging mind, and it is from here that I speak to you. Through the keyboard.

Such is the birth of this latest blog post. Now let’s get on with it.

Not too long ago I was inspired by reading this blog to start making my own flowers to applique onto various things.

I really liked this bag that she decorated using crochet flowers:


Isn’t it awesome?

I thought I’d try my hand it creating my own flower to put onto something or other, and I even had a good stab at writing it down 😉


Next to a British 5 pence – slightly smaller than an Aussie 5 cent

It doens’t matter how big or small you make these, this one was made with fine doiley cotton and a 1.75mm hook.

I used the magic adjustable ring method to start mine off.

Rd 1: work 12 tr into the magic ring, pull tight and join with sl st.

Rd 2: ch 3 (acts as 1st tr), tr in next st, ch 3. (2 tr, 3 ch) all the way around to start of round. Join with sl st. You should have 10 tr with 6 ch 3 sp. And it should look like a wagon wheel.;)

Rd 3: dc into next 2 sts. Now you should be at the start of the ch 3 space. In that space work *(1 half tr, 2 tr, 1 double tr, 3 ch, 1 double tr, 2 tr, 1 half tr)*. Dc around to next ch space and repeat *-*.

Rd 4: (optional) dc right around edge in contrasting colour, work (2d2, 2ch, 2 dc) into each ch space at top of petal. (Not shown)

Roberto’s your grandparents’ son.

I have found some other flowers created by other people that I like too. I made some for the bag I have in mind (but have yet to make/purchase), and added my own little bits of crap flair. Here they is:


Flower pattern found here – I think it’s in the archive section still being transported from her old blog. If you really want the pattern just email me. Fluffy layer and pearls added later.


flowers-blue-and-brown.JPG pink-crochet-flower.JPG

The front flower on the left pic and the pink flower are the same pattern, though in different sized yarn. You can find the pattern for these here.


I added picots to the outer leaf points to make them a bit pointier.

The pink flower isn’t going on MY bag, nosiree. MY bag is going to be a blue and brown themed bag of sheer bagness. The pink is for…other things.

Lastly but not leastly, I tried my hand at beady things involving chains and pliers. I didn’t think I’d be very interested or very good at making things this way, but I think tonight’s effort wasn’t a bad one, for a first try. None-the-less, beady-pliering in all liklihood is going to stay a blue-moon activity for me.


Not the greatest portrayal, but it’s pinned into my ball of Moda Vera ‘Parade’. It also features a handsome array of faux pearls and those funny bits of chain that are keeping it all together.

There ya go Ally: a post of all the stuff I’ve been making during my days of lethargy and confinment. The only thing I forgot was to take a photo of all the stuff Mum and I bought from Spotlight today. Believe me when I say it was a lot of stuff. But we needed it.



So much to tell you May 29, 2006

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Hey loyalists, it's been a while since I stimulated your blogletitious appetite with yet more silly tales from the life of this particularly individual individual. I bet it's been such a nice little break too. Well, relax no more because I am back, and I've collected a lot of photos on my camera since the last time you and I cyber-clashed.

First up, sadly, there has been no update from The Guy, but still I sit writhing on my tenterhooks (because they sound so painful) and checking my Gmail constantly even though I know it's the weekend, and it's probably still Sunday in the UK when it's 8am Monday morning here…

Second up, here's some before and after shots of Oscar, both pre and post-haircut. He was pretty knotty, and we ended up leaving him on the balcony all day so the travelling groomer could wash him and give him a stylish 'do. I wished her all the luck that day. Oscar's a lively little licky thing.

oscar before haircut.JPG


oscar after haircut.JPG


I've been doing a bit of crochet too, a bit of designing as a matter of fact. Necessity if the mother of all invention, they say, and it was a mother of a necessitry for me to create some fingerless gloves. Well, semi-fingerless anyway. The thumb and the little finger are partially covered. How else would they stay on, I ask you?

brown crochet gloves.JPG

This is 'off' mode.

brown gloves pose.JPG

'P Diddy' mode

brown gloves psoe 2.JPG

'Hands failed to block face' mode.

They're pretty warm, I've been wearing them out on playground duty.

This week is the last week I have teaching my grade 1 class. I'm going to miss those little sods, but I will particulary miss the quirky teacher who resides next-door to me. She has been a great support for me in terms of getting to know the school, and her view on life and teaching philosophy have been inspirational for me as a beginning teacher. I was trying to think of something nice to get her as a thankyou present, and after much deliberation, decided that she'd like something silly, and personal. My next door teacher keeps two pet mice for her class, and they live in a cage in the 'wet area' that joins our two classrooms. Their names are Milly (recently diagnosed as Milton) and Molly (now Molly Meldrum). So far I have made Milly, and this week I hope to get Molly done. Here he is:


Milly's smiling face

milly 2.JPG

Facing stage right

milly 3.JPG

Milton has had drinking issues in the past.

Next week I intend to have the biggest sleep-in in the world, and go visit friends far and wide…and no i'm not talking about their bums!

Until then, I'd better go do some planning, find some string for a display and then maybe hit the sack before midnight. Bring on Friday!


OK class, we’ve got a lot of things to do this morning! May 4, 2006

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This is going to be one of those posts where I barrage you with a heap of pictures instead of bashing the insides of your heads with a heap of words that I pulled out of Satan-knows-where.

Lucky you!

This post is set to be a bigg'un, a category three! If I think of anything else of interest I may have to upgrade to a category four, enough to knock the aphorisms off an athiest.

Firstly, last Friday night Cat and Wally came up from hobart with their kiddies, Tabitha (2) and William (5 months)

We had a wow of a time having tea at Nicole's house (us highschool buddies gots ta stick together!) I took a few happy snaps to post so you could all see how disgustingly cute they are…


baby william.JPG
Little Willy is all smiles when the camera's on him

tabitha food.JPG

Tabby, on the other hand was torn between the camera and "mooore cheeeeese mummmy!"


We had tea, a chat, then it was bath time for the lucky ones. Tabby promptly started helping nicole wash out the bath by squirting half of her expensive conditioner into the tub 😉 They wouldn't let me get in the bath. Let alone take my clothes off. Sad state of affairs if you ask me.

After that weekend was well and truly over (note the skipping of Saturday night recount of the night at the pub…Oh alright, here's an ambiguous tid bit to get you going…)

I got home from Anna's birthday bash at three on Sunday morning. That taxi driver was pretty annoyed with me though, I told him I only had about a dollar. I'd spent the rest on a dollar dog. Which I ate in his taxi. I don't see a problem.


What now? Oh yeah, since I've been so busy with work and everything I havne't had time for any crochetting, but i was going to put this pic on anyway:

green scarf.JPG
It's about half finished. Don't think I'll add a fringe…they're for wimps. And pimps.

Nearly there, just up this hill…

When I lived in Lonny with Bread last year, we frequented the health food shop in town, just off the mall. One glorious day, in that shop, I stumbled upon these little over-packaged gingery tears of heaven:

Spicy and sweet! How can you go wrong?

The small handful of these I bought at the time failed to sustain me for the trip home. I nearly passed out with mouth burn, but still I craved more! These little logs of orange crap had replaced my usual staple at that store: the famed chocolate covered liquorice log.

Today, something magical happened. I was perusing the local supermarket today, dawdling in the aisles to find a salty treat for me and my next-door teacher to share tomorrow at recess. I stumbled upon a whole bag of Gingerbons just begging me to thread them off the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style hook that thwarted their attempts to escape. As I lifted the bag I thought I heard a bell ring. Yes, tomorrow I will bring these to school and share them with my colleague. Maybe she would like them

gingerbon 2.JPG
What can only be described as a lump of ginger coloured stuff coated lightly with icing sugar is just what's on the surface of this delectable treat.


I just had to own them whatever the cost.

I expected to pay upwards of five dollars, but was overjoyed that the entire bag of 25 scanned up at only $1.90.


It's been a good day, only now I have to go back and buy the only other bag there, and let the gingerbons within join those who went before them.


Tired with knitting April 22, 2006

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You know that scarf I was knitting earlier? Well I put in the hard yards over the last few days and got it finished. Now I’m on my way to stylish teacher-dom. Note the classy glasses and ribbed teacher top to complete the eye catching look.
finished scarf 2.JPG
I’m available for fashion shows on weekends. Tell your friends 😉

Team this with a long string of plastic pearls, some outrageous drop earrings and a mu-mu and you’ve got yourself a retired free-spirited labour voting relief teacher!
finished scarf 1.JPG

Onto lighter subjects: Road safety.
Just how safe are our roads? “Well,” you might tell yourself, “It’s been pretty wet and silppery on our roads lately, you can never be too careful.”
But really, what are the major dangers on our roads?
a) Rain and oil slicks?
b) Inattentatative drivers?
c) Drivers under the influence?
d) Speeding motorists?
e) Local wildlife leaving their natural habitat at night to tango with the traffic?
f) Feral nails and screws that plague our streets and prey on unsuspecting tyres, attaching themselves like leeches to our cars’ vulnerable underbellies, unbeknownst to the unfortunate driver, who then has to fork out for repair costs?

You guessed it. During some fateful, yet innocent drive out one day, a ruthless nail lodged itself into my relatively new tyre. Why? Why me? Is there no higher being looking down on us and controlling our fate, guiding the very events that shape us into who we are?
If there was, maybe that nail would have thought twice before penetrating my rubber.

Bloody nails.
At least my tyre isn’t flat. Yet.


Pressie for Bread-Bread April 14, 2006

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I'm in giving mode lately. Maybe it's because of Easter or something, but I've been in the throws of making a couple of scarves for me good mate Bread and her awesome mum Mandy.

This is the first one I made, and I think it's really nice. They might even fight over it! (Bring on the jelly)

blue mohair scarf.JPG

The yarn was 'Sentiments' by Moda Vera, in Mint Mix (50% mohair 50% acrylic). The pattern looks like wonky network. Don't worry, it's supposed to be like that. (For those in the know, I worked a *dc, 2ch, tr, 2ch* in each row, always starting the next row with the opposite stitch.)

mohair scarf closeup.JPG

Close up in the sun, you can kinda see how the colours change. Mesmerising.

mohair scarf oscar.JPG

This is Oscar muscling in on my photo session. He pretends not to like my camera but you can tell by the cute paw placement pose that he really does like struttin' his stuff. Silly puppy.