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The stupidest conversation I’ve had recently August 22, 2006

Filed under: Ramblings — Annaleis @ 4:54 pm

Gio and I were just talking online about my upcoming farewell-do.

I’ll let the rest of the conversation speak for itself…

Gio says: i receeved the invitatons

Annaleis says: awethome

Gio says: why did u send them all to me

Gio says: ???

Annaleis says: because i only had your address

Gio says: i dont no where u live

Annaleis says: remember…i asked you online the other night, and told you i’d be sending them all to you…

Annaleis says: BC and cam do

Gio says: BC?

Annaleis says: brendan…

Gio says: C?

Annaleis says: Brendan….Crates…

Annaleis says: are you blonde?

Gio says: His last name is crates?

Annaleis says: I feel like smacking you

Gio says: sucks to be him

Annaleis says: your name is fran…

Gio says: nice pictare

Nuff said.


19 Responses to “The stupidest conversation I’ve had recently”

  1. Bread Says:

    Boys are dumb. Geez and they think we’re crap with directions…

  2. Bread Says:

    Come on boys… It’s just constructive criticism. Just don’t be dumb next time is all… (Hello Gio)

  3. Annaleis Says:

    Believe me, there will be a next time…those boys just can’t keep their ‘stupid’ down. πŸ˜‰

  4. Bread Says:


  5. Brendan Says:

    u sluts

  6. Bread Says:

    Brendan that is awful. U should be ashamed of yourself, because we are…

  7. Annaleis Says:

    Yeah – and don’t go thinking you’ve gotten away with this.

  8. Gio Says:

    He loves u really!

    (Hello Breadley)

  9. Annaleis Says:

    Who? Brendan? He only loves his Mum!

  10. Brendan Says:

    Sorry guys, I was just joshing. I took some acid and was coming out with all sorts of shit

  11. Em Says:

    Hey, did he get MY invitation as well? πŸ˜€

  12. Brendan Says:

    He sure did

  13. Annaleis Says:

    Em, your invite is sitting here on my table, I wouldn’t dare send it to the likes of THEM!
    You know the drill, Fri night = Pub, Sat night = my house.
    Bread I hope you can get up here in time for the Pub run on Firday – drive like you’ve never drived before!

  14. Em Says:

    I always drive like I’ve never driven before. I think that’s why I get stopped by the cops a lot.

  15. Annaleis Says:

    Your driving style must vary widely if you’re always doing something different. Maybe that’s why you turned your lights off before πŸ˜‰

  16. Em Says:

    I also get told to drive on the side of the road, rather than the middle. I just don’t know.

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