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Me update August 21, 2006

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Punctuate that title as you will, depending on how much of a bogan you think I am. 😉

It’s not often I get my hair cut. In fact, my hairdresser was amazed last week when I Waltzed my Matilda into the local salon, because it had been less than 6 months since she’d last seen me. I’m surprised she even recognises me at all some years.

Nonetheless, I did promise the last time I had my hair cut that I’d be in within the next 6 months. By Lucifer, did I keep my word! It was cut last Thursday, pretty much the same as before but about 2.5cm shorter (an inch to you old farts).

Now when I put it up I need a hair slide for the back. I might as well get an undercut next time. 😉

What say you?

Sohpie Dahl better watch herself when I land in London.

Room update:

And to your left, a rare glimpse into what can only be described as a rarity in these wild forests…Bedroomius Flooriana.

I haven’t seen this much of my room since I was 12.

Pretty peach tree update:


Millions of peaches – peaches for me!

Gratuitous Oscar photo

That concludes me update.

See you on the flip flop, or thong, as we Aussies say.


So much to tell you May 29, 2006

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Hey loyalists, it's been a while since I stimulated your blogletitious appetite with yet more silly tales from the life of this particularly individual individual. I bet it's been such a nice little break too. Well, relax no more because I am back, and I've collected a lot of photos on my camera since the last time you and I cyber-clashed.

First up, sadly, there has been no update from The Guy, but still I sit writhing on my tenterhooks (because they sound so painful) and checking my Gmail constantly even though I know it's the weekend, and it's probably still Sunday in the UK when it's 8am Monday morning here…

Second up, here's some before and after shots of Oscar, both pre and post-haircut. He was pretty knotty, and we ended up leaving him on the balcony all day so the travelling groomer could wash him and give him a stylish 'do. I wished her all the luck that day. Oscar's a lively little licky thing.

oscar before haircut.JPG


oscar after haircut.JPG


I've been doing a bit of crochet too, a bit of designing as a matter of fact. Necessity if the mother of all invention, they say, and it was a mother of a necessitry for me to create some fingerless gloves. Well, semi-fingerless anyway. The thumb and the little finger are partially covered. How else would they stay on, I ask you?

brown crochet gloves.JPG

This is 'off' mode.

brown gloves pose.JPG

'P Diddy' mode

brown gloves psoe 2.JPG

'Hands failed to block face' mode.

They're pretty warm, I've been wearing them out on playground duty.

This week is the last week I have teaching my grade 1 class. I'm going to miss those little sods, but I will particulary miss the quirky teacher who resides next-door to me. She has been a great support for me in terms of getting to know the school, and her view on life and teaching philosophy have been inspirational for me as a beginning teacher. I was trying to think of something nice to get her as a thankyou present, and after much deliberation, decided that she'd like something silly, and personal. My next door teacher keeps two pet mice for her class, and they live in a cage in the 'wet area' that joins our two classrooms. Their names are Milly (recently diagnosed as Milton) and Molly (now Molly Meldrum). So far I have made Milly, and this week I hope to get Molly done. Here he is:


Milly's smiling face

milly 2.JPG

Facing stage right

milly 3.JPG

Milton has had drinking issues in the past.

Next week I intend to have the biggest sleep-in in the world, and go visit friends far and wide…and no i'm not talking about their bums!

Until then, I'd better go do some planning, find some string for a display and then maybe hit the sack before midnight. Bring on Friday!


Sweet tooth May 18, 2006

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I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, drinking a cold Milo ™ when I was interrupted by Oscar scratching my leg.

Usually this somewhat painful gesture means 'come and play with me', or sometimes even 'let me out before I leak on something I shouldn't'.

I leaned over and picked him up, and that fact that I was able to pick him up at all means that he just needed some puppy lovin'.

When he's not running around in circles, growling at his own leg, he's quite an inquisitive little thing. He soon spied my coveted Milo (TM) on the desk, and as he does, he jumped from my lap, and landed all four paws firmly on my desk. (Unusual for a dog who constantly runs into doorways. Smack!)
I tried to stop him, but it was too late. That poor drink was a gonner.

oscar 1.JPG

The initial investigation

oscar lick.JPG oscar long tongue.JPG

All systems go!

No polka-dot glass could survive that tongue.

oscar lick 2.JPG

Chop-lickin' goodness

oscar 2.JPG

"Cup of tea you say? No thanks I'm all Milo'd ™ out!"

oscar desk.JPG

"I'd like to get down now please.

Just put the rest of it my bowl if you don't mind. You don't seem thirsty anymore anyway."


Pressie for Bread-Bread April 14, 2006

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I'm in giving mode lately. Maybe it's because of Easter or something, but I've been in the throws of making a couple of scarves for me good mate Bread and her awesome mum Mandy.

This is the first one I made, and I think it's really nice. They might even fight over it! (Bring on the jelly)

blue mohair scarf.JPG

The yarn was 'Sentiments' by Moda Vera, in Mint Mix (50% mohair 50% acrylic). The pattern looks like wonky network. Don't worry, it's supposed to be like that. (For those in the know, I worked a *dc, 2ch, tr, 2ch* in each row, always starting the next row with the opposite stitch.)

mohair scarf closeup.JPG

Close up in the sun, you can kinda see how the colours change. Mesmerising.

mohair scarf oscar.JPG

This is Oscar muscling in on my photo session. He pretends not to like my camera but you can tell by the cute paw placement pose that he really does like struttin' his stuff. Silly puppy.


Doodle doodle, draw draw. April 12, 2006

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I have a Friend called Nigel, who was one of the brave souls who, upon graduating with a computing degree from Uni decided to spend a year travelling and teaching English in South Korea.

What does this have to do with drawing? Well, Nigel just happens to be one of the best artists I know, and one late night while talking online with him, lamenting over the boredom-bout I was then experiencing, he told me to start drawing again. He said to get the biggest piece of anything I could get my hands on and spend a good few days making a piece of art so great that I wouldn’t want to part with it for a long time. And then send him some pictures 😉 .

I did the next best thing I could, right at that moment, as it was after midnight at the time.

drawing of oscar1.JPG

I found an old A3 sketchbook, grabbed a 2B pencil and started to sketch the most interesting thing in my room. Oscar just happened to be on my bed, snoozing. Unlike the usual manner with which he presents himself in my boudoir, burying himself under my blankets and chasing poor old Bunny.