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The day Gio came to stay April 9, 2008

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Some of youse have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, and I’ve been saving my blogging prowess until something exciting happened, and guess what? It has!

The first exciting thing that happened is that Gio made it to ‘Londinium’ after all this time, and we celebrated this miraculous occurrence starting on Friday afternoon by first picking him up from Paddington station (I recognised him immediately because he described himself as being dressed as a twat), organising him an Oyster, then going straight to Piccadilly for a whistle-stop tour of central London (and over here to your ‘yawn’ left, is Big Ben, millennium wheel, Downing Street etc blah blah). I’ve done this quite a few times now and I’m really starting to take it for granted…not good.

Big Ben and the London Eye

We ended up getting very hungry and thirsty and going to the Porterhouse pub in Covent Garden for some much needed Boags Premium, and when that got too crowded moved on to the Walkabout pub next door for some Crownies and…Sambucca… ūüėČ Not to mention the Chocolate Mini Eggs that Gio ate off the (sticky) floor

Crownies at the Walkabout

Dernie Showed up some time after that specifically to laugh at us and buy us some drinks, because we were still thirsty. Noice of him! We left the pub at closing time and took the bus back to my flat. By this time I was very tired…and sober…

Go the number 13 bus!

I don\'t remember this bit, ergo, it didn\'t happen.

See? There’s me being sober

Everything else that night has been made up.¬† I reasoned that if something is not in my memory then it (obviously) did not happen. Suffice it to say that my flatmates, Gio and Dernie all laughed at me the next day. Ha blimmin’ ha.

At this point I need to say that Friday was the warmest day London has seen this year, it was full-on shorts weather, though I refused to suffer the indignity of bearing my pasty legs. The Saturday must have been one of the coldest days of the year, and on the Sunday I woke up and the whole city looked like this:

The backyard

This was about 10am, in the garden at my flat. Snowfights ensued. ūüėÄ

The snow ball

He was aiming for me!

An old Irish trick

‘Just stand under this tree for a minute – there’s a good girl…’



What a shot!

Tulip Icecreams

We made it through our snow war, then went to Hampstead Heath to experience a bit more.¬† There were some crazy people there wandering around in shorts, but unfortunately I don’t have those photos.¬† The snow had melted almost completely by the afternoon. ūüė¶ but it was great while it lasted!

That night was another party, this time in my flat, organised by my flatmates. about 10 of us consumed about 5 pizzas, plus sides and 15 bottles of wine.¬† I did not feel very well halfway through the night so piked it really early (hehe sorry Gio!)¬† The next day was G’s last day so we went back into town, did a little more sightseeing (this time at the National Gallery – very swish!) then I dropped him back at Paddington Bear station, and he was never heard of again.

Since then I’ve done nothing but sleep, so thanks Gio for coming to visit me and making the snowy weekend even better!

Until next time something exciting happens…


Workity work March 5, 2008

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This is the height of procrastination…I’m at school, after hours (the school is open late tonight due to a meeting that I need not attend) and I prepared myself for a work lock-in.¬† Thus far exactly NONE work has been started.¬† NONE.

But, Gio has got himself a mobile phone and called me! He’s apparently coming to see me the weekend after Easter for some drinks and chats.¬† I’ll hold him to that.¬† My day has just gotten brighter (Well, metaphorically speaking of course, the day is actually getting darker as it’s now after 5pm.¬† But I didn’t have to tell you that did I?).

Now, back to work!


More from Stockholm February 21, 2008

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Hiya!  Some of youse blokes have been wondering what Stockholm was like, what we got up to and how cold it was.

Well, when we landed in Skavsta Airport, we found our way on the rainbow bus into Central Station where my mate Lindy was waiting to pick us up in her trusty Volvo.

Initially she drove us around in the middle of the night (we arrived at about 10:30 Sweden time) before finally letting us off at her house out in the ‘burbs to meet her husband Johan and their mate Rob-from-Bristol, who was very funny and very pissed!

After a few welcome late night drinks we turned in for the night, then awoke the next morning to meet Lindy and Johan’s energetic four year old son Emil, who insisted we play table hockey with him for hours!

We eventually escaped with the promise of another game upon our inevitable return, and Lindy whisked us out of the house to see the sights of Gamla Sta – the Old Town.


There was lots to see there, we went into the local church,


and learned a bit of history about the area, like the feature stones around the windows of this building:


which represented each Danish head that was severed during one of the times Sweden ruled Denmark (or vice versa, Lindy wasn’t entirely sure!)

We also saw a cannon ball sticking out of the corner of the building next to this one…apparently it’s been there for centuries…


See it? SEE IT?! It’s just above the round sign on the corner.

After that we sat down for a Semla (marzipan flavoured Swedish cream bun) and a cuppa tea, then waddled off for more sight seeing.  By this time it was about 3pm and starting to get dark.

 stockholm-025.jpg   stockholm-030.jpg

There’s lots of photos like these – check out my Flickr account to see them properly (right hand side)

Hrm, what else?

Oh yes…There was ice at the train station…well pretty much everywhere.¬† The train station near Lindy’s house was really cool because it was inside a MOUNTAIN!!!


We sampled some authentic Swedish cuisine, which involved a sort of flat bread, with mashed potato, seafood salad, mustard and a hot dog with sauce all in the one package.  In some kind of crazy maverick move, Dernie decided to go for the double-dog option.  Suffice it to say, neither of us could finish this delicacy.



After that lively meal we decided to become a bit more bold with our food choices, and thus purchased one Plopp.


I couldn’t resist a quick nibble. It was pretty much Chickenfeed chocolate with a funny name.

¬†By far the best bit of site-seeing we did was on our last day – we went to the Vasamuseum, where the Vasa Viking ship resides.¬† Apologies for the dodgy pic, my camera isn’t much good in bad light, but it was really incredible.¬† All hand built of course, all wooden, a magnificent structure that had us standing with our mouths open in absolute awe.¬† Brilliant.


It had two cannon levels which could hold about 200 people each.  Huge!

Anyway, I’d better be off, I’ve waffled on here long enough.¬† Like I said if you want to see more, go check out my Flickr account!



Swedish keyboards are funny February 18, 2008

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They’ve got three extra letters, √•, √§ and √∂.¬† Just go with it.

I spose youse blokes wanna see some photos?¬† Well these were taken yesterday, and I’ve got a few minutes up my sleeve so I’d thought I’d share them.

Lindy took us on a bit of a walking tour yesterday, so here we are with some of the landmarks in the Old town and City Hall, where we’re going to try and go on a tour today.¬† We also have tickets to see the Vasa, which is an old viking ship, apparently it’s really good.



Lindy and Me outside the City Hall
Dermot and me on the bridge outside City Hall, round the corner a bit.
That’s enough for now, there’s no time for mucking about!¬† We must off! Tally ho!

Stockholm Syndrome February 14, 2008

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I’m going to Stockholm!

Just thought I’d tell you quickly,¬†cos I’m soooo excited!

Me and Dernie (awww – you’ll meet him soon) are off for 3 nights to visit a friend who I met¬†randomly in London¬†(on her trip over to interview Tony Blair) in 2006.

We fly into Stockholm on Saturday evening, then make our way to some jazz club to hear her sing, as she’s got a gig on that night, so it should be good!

Apparently it’s about -7 deg C there at the moment – let’s hope it stays that way.

I’m in the market for a huge warm coat now. Not surprising really.

Swedish photos coming, ja!


I’ve been told January 19, 2008

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to update my bloglet.

Your will be done. Sires.

OK, firstly, since Christmas I’ve been with Dani to Edinburgh where lots of drinks and funs were had, until we had a little bit of a scuffle and both ended up on crutches (D’oh!).¬† Poor Dani broke her foot and poor stupid me dislocated my knee (again), which resulted in Dani leaving for Australia before the Hogmany celebrations.¬† Nonetheless, we had a great time up there and I’d love to go again another year! You up for it Danza?

I ended up spending New Years with some new-found friends, and watched the incredible fireworks exploding from Edinburgh Castle at the infamous Street Party – amazing stuff.

Moving right along…

Last weekend I met up with Matt and his girlfriend Eliza (who I recently discovered are living in London) and they invited me along with an interesting night out in Covent Garden – the ‘ex-Tasmanian Londoners’ gathering.¬† It was a good night; I met Matt and Eliza and their friend Kit at Embankment tube, then we took a short walk along the Strand and slipped unnoticed into the Porterhouse pub, directly opposite the Australia Shop (for all your Tim Tam needs).

We met up with Eliza’s friend Skye-from-Devonport, whereupon we commenced the sampling of the rather large beer collection. Kit and I in particular were most impressed with the Belgian chocolate beer! Mmmm….

After we wandered around for half an hour trying to spot Ricky Ponting look-a-likes we finally settled at a table resigned to the possibility that we might be the only Taswegians there tonight.¬† Three rounds later we’d moved onto drinking Boags Premium, and it was at this moment when a scout from another group of stranded Tassies noticed us, and invited us to join the group upstairs! Huzzah!¬† Henceforth, good fun was had by all until the pub was closed, whereupon these photos were sagely tooken.¬† Thanks to Eliza for passing them on to me!

 Kit, me, Skye-from-Devonport and Eliza
Skye, Matt, Eliza, Kit and me


Kit, me and Eliza – ‘I’ll have two drinks please bar wench!’
Thanks for watching kids! Seeya next time!


White Christmas? December 17, 2007

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Yep, while all you yobbos back home are sunning yourselves and trying your best to get skin cancer, I’m having a great wintery Christmas, full of mulled wine and drunken-Santa Christmas parties in Covent Garden.¬†

Lately it’s been so cold that people have been staying inside.¬† I was hoping it was going to snow today, it still might if i’m lucky.¬† Or unlucky; ¬†I still have to walk home!

Since winter began I’ve been ice skating outdoors in East London, everywhere has been all prettied up – bright lights covering the street lamps and twinkling¬†ones in all the trees make you feel like you’re in¬†A Christmas Carol. All this and then¬†Bing Crosby arrives,¬†blaring out ‘Winter Wonderland’¬†from the back of the local pub.

Temperatures here have been hitting nearly freezing during the day, it’s a lot colder than it was last year – and my flatmates are laughing at me because I bought some hard-core thermals the other day to take to Scotland (where it really is snowing!)¬† I¬†think I’ll definitely be using them continuously for the 10 days I’ll be there.

All in all Christmas is shaping up to be pretty damn good.¬† There are 2 more days left of school, and tomorrow is our party day when Father ‘I don’t go¬†by Santa anymore’¬†Christmas will come to visit.

After that I’ll have a nice early Christmas dinner with me mate Dave (Brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner?¬† Whatever next!), then go and see my flatmate singing at a Christmas concert, then I’m off on the train to Edinburgh!

So Good luck and Merry Christmas everyone.¬† Don’t forget to have a beer for me,¬† I’ll be doing the same for you!