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Flugirl June 14, 2007

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Is it just me?

Today in the Metro newspaper there was an article about the Irwin’s being visited by the Dalai Lama.

‘This cannot be!’  I thought as I clutched the Northern Line pole on my way to Embankment early this morning.  ‘Me ol’ mate Flugel is in the paper!’

As it turns out, I was wrong.  The caption verily informed me that it wasn’t me ol’ mate at all.  It was Bindi Irwin.


I guess somewhere along the line their gene pools got a  little murky.

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Thorry! June 7, 2007

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Oi youse blokes,

Sup?  I know it seems that I’ve been slack but believe it or not, I’m actually really busy.


Yes, working, what did you think I was doing?  Having fun?  Pfft!

Anyway, sorry to Nig and Nic, cos I haven’t yet linked your illustrious weblogs to my own superior (but only in the entire worlds eyes) weblog.  It will be done, as you wish. At the appropriate juncture.  All in good time.

In more interesting news,  I’ve been working in a nursery in SW London, which is really cool.  I’m saving up as much as I can before me Ma and Da (That’s Welsh for ‘th’oldies’) skip the country to come and see me!  Hoorah!  Hooray!

I have to go,  I’m using the agency’s puter. They don’t like it when I stay up all night checkin’ out Things Like This…



I’m back May 16, 2007

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And with a vengeance.  I’ve just discovered that the net cafe down the road lets you upload photos…and really cheaply too!

To top it off, Bread sent me a disc with all her Pommy and France photos on it too, so up they go!


Daily April 25, 2007

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Yeah, I know it’s been a long time since I last posted anything on here, and believe me, I’ve still got a lot of pictures to put up, but at the moment I’m too busy getting into some kind of rut to do anything about it.

Since moving to GG, my priorities have changed. Now instead of this:

  1. Travel around
  2. Meet people
  3. Earn lots of money

They seem to have morphed into this:

  1. Get up
  2. Go to work (if there is any)
  3. Pay rent
  4. Pay bills

I guess that’s what a lot of other people are doing too, but I need to be saving up hard for the summer, when I might get some REAL travelling done!

If all else fails and I remain broke with little or nothing to show for it, I might consider teaching english in a non-English-speaking country!

Any suggestions about cool countries to go to?

the london eye


Move March 30, 2007

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I moved into my new flat last night in North London.

My room is sunny and bright, with two generous windows and painted white walls.

The kitchen is wonderful, I will actually be able to do some real cooking in there.

The shower is the best one I’ve had since leaving Australia.

My flat mates are funny, and nice.

I think I’ll be happy here.



Bus stop March 27, 2007

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Strangers. Most of them in London keep to themselves, but there are certain individuals who just overstep the mark when it comes to standing next to someone at places like bus stops, or in check-out queues.

Generally, you can tell the ones who are going to be socially spastic, and talk to you, hassle you for money or just generally rant and rave about their problems, real or imagined, while the more emotionally stable of us just look at the ground and inch away quietly, occasionally sharing “look at that crazy guy” faces with one another on the sly.

One such weirdo decided to spark up a conversation with me the other day after I turned up at the bus stop with a heavy suitcase in tow. Since the 268 bus is famed for being late, I asked the man next to me whether the last bus had just been, to ascertain the length of time I was likely to be waiting. The converstion went a lot like this:

No, I too am waiting for that bus‘.

‘Oh good, thanks.’ (End of conversation…or so I thought).

After a pause, ‘Are you going to Golders Green?’

‘Yeah.’ Derr, that’s where the bus goes isn’t it?

Are you living with your parents?’ (What kind of a question is that?!)
‘Er, no.’

Where are they? You are too young to be on your own‘.

‘They live in Australia.’

In Australia? What are they doing there?’

‘They live there.’

You are Australian? You are only 15, no? Too young to be living away from your parents.‘ (I found this particularly funny as I’d spent most of the night before drinking cider and was only surviving on 3 hours sleep, and sporting excellent bed hair and dark eye circles).


How old are you? You are 16?

‘I’m in my twenties.’

Twenty what?’


It is just that you look only 15, that is why I am asking. What is your name?’

‘ – ‘

What is your name?’

‘I’m not going to tell you my name.’


‘Because you’re a stranger. I will stay anonymous.’

Oh, Ok.‘ (pauses) ‘Are you student here?


Then what is it you do? You must be student, yes?’

‘I’m a teacher.’

You are very beautiful. What is your name?’

‘ – ‘

My name is Yusuf‘.

‘Ok, Hi Yusuf.’

(minutes silence)

You are very beautiful.’


Can I have your phone number?’

Soon after this little conversation, the bus pulled up, and after politely refusing his offer of help with my suitcase I sat as far away as possible from him. End of.

It’s not the first weird inappropriate phone-number-asking-for conversation I’ve had, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Some people here just think of bus-stops, supermarkets and places of work (ie, the indian guy who works in the off-licence across the road) quite normal places to poorly chat up unsuspecting citizens. It makes me wonder how many times these people actually score phone numbers. Hopefully not often.

Oh well. These guys are just one more little thing I get for living here. Bugger it.


Golders Green and Hampstead Heath March 6, 2007

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These Londoners really like their alliteration. They also like epiglottal stops and making fun of the the ‘Norf Country’, but that’s another matter entirely.

The reason for this heading has a lot to do with where I have lived, where I am living, and where I am going to live, although the first two are one and the same, but they occurred in different houses…erm.

GG and HH are both in North London, just a short bus ride away from one another (10 minutes, tops). Despite their close proximity they are in different boroughs (councils). HH is in the Camden borough while GG is in Barnet. GG is also a predominent Jewish area, full of Kosher shops and blokes with curly hair and funny hats.

Here is a nice map for people to get their head around what I’m talking ’bout:


It’s divided into the different areas of London, ie; east London,

north, central, west and south…you get the picture.

I’m going to see the real estate agent tomorrow who looks after the property I’m probably moving to at GG at the end of March. I’ve gone for the share-house option, because there’s no way any average-wage earning Londoner can afford to live by themselves. The people living there seem really easy-going and they have a dishwasher, washing machine and drier all installed in the huge kitchen.

The room itself is quite small, but it comes fully furnished, like most places round here, and there’s tonnes of storage space for all my other junk. I really don’t mind considering one of the other bedrooms has no windows at all on account of being in the middle of the flat, which sports some rather dodgy-public-toilet vents along the top of the walls.

Another feature that caught my attention is that there is a shower! There are also two toilets, but I was rather quickly informed that one of them ‘doesn’t take solids’. Thanks for the heads up, mate.

The best part about it would have to be the rent. It’s way cheaper than Hampstead (where all the celebs and Big Brother evictees live) without being too far away from all the action!

Anyway, it’s late, and I can’t tell whether this ramble makes sense or not, or if I’ve missed anything out.  I’ll read it tomorrow and fix it.

In the meantime, night!