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I gots technology… May 18, 2008

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Heya youse blokes, just checkin’ in and updating things that have happened recently:

I received a belated Christmas pressie last week that I am totally rapt with, in the form of an IPod Nano! I was so excited and scared of scratching it that I went out the next day and used some of my John Lewis (bit like pommy Myers) vouchers that my old school gave me as a leaving present and bought a swish red leather case.

Here is my pride and joy pictured with my new Laptop – if you look closely you can see whose website I was looking at at the time…

Marcus’! I thought it only fitting as the gift was from him and Hayley. Thankyou guys, I love it!

You might be thinking ‘Good one Annaleis, bout time you got a lap top! Geez!’ and you’re right, it was about time, so I managed to acquire one thanks to Dernie 🙂 He set it all up for me and fixes it when I can’t figure out what it’s doing or when the internet connection drops out, causing me to nearly slug it up the chops. Which for anyone who knows me, is unsurprisingly often.

My social calendar is quickly filling up these days, not only am I working full weeks supply teaching (not bad really!) but my weekends are being overrun with activities. Take last weekend for example, Dernie found out on Friday that he’d landed a new job, and we couldn’t let that go uncelebrated, so we celebrated in the central London pubs and drank rum and Diet coke (with lime, people – I’m posh now!). The next day I nursed a hangover while lounging around in the 27 degree heat in Richmond Park, near Wimbledon (ah what a life!)

This weekend was very quiet. The highlight was that I had a kebab for tea last night. It was very nice thankyou. Precisely NONE alcohol was consumed.

Moving right along, next Saturday I am going Air-softing (yay!) with my flatmates! I’ve been once before and loved it. Everyone there gets dressed up in hardcore army gear (except Andy J and myself, who aren’t hardcore in the least) and shoot big black guns filled with little white pellets at each other. They sting when you’re up close, believe me!

The day is set up into different games, and is a lot like Unreal Tournament, because you play ‘capture the flag’ style games, and each team (there are two teams, red and blue) might have a different objective, like protect the box full of nothing, but you only have one life, and the other team has to capture the box, but they might have unlimited lives etc.

It’s a pretty full day, we’ll be out of the flat at around 6am to drive up north to this place, and we’ll be back probably by nightfall. Lots of fun though!

The weekend AFTER all that, Dernie and I are going to Ireland for the weekend – partly so I can meet the family (eek!) and partly to attend his mate’s wedding. I got to buy a pretty dress to wear so I’m happy. Wanna see it? Too bad! I still have to buy shoes that match, and Andy T reckons I need a big flouncy hat…I don’t think so Tim.

Anyway, that’s enough blogging for one month. Until next time kids!

ps. Happy birthday Bread Bread! Have fun in Hobart with the kiddies!


5 Responses to “I gots technology…”

  1. Bread Says:

    Thankyou!! I did have fun- but am bloody tired.
    Don’t stress about meeting the parents, at least your name isn’t Gaylord Focker. And don’t try to milk the cat…. hee he. Have fun at the wedding!!!

  2. What up brodude.
    Been a while since I checked the blog. Its been good catching up with the adventures of the ginger one. When (if) yall coming back to tas?

  3. ally Says:

    allo! hows it going? ipod looks awesome. and way to go on the dell! they rock 😀

  4. Annaleis Says:

    Woah! Haven’t had this many comments at once for a long time! Hey doods, it’s all goin’ good, I’m coming back in a few months, so i need to really get my act into gear – dammit!

    Bread I wouldn’t try and milk a cat if my life depended on it. Now, an emu on the other hand…

  5. Sounds like you might be coming back around the same time as Sally gets back from Canada. WOOP WOOP! Partying down with my 2 favourite girls. If only G would make it 3.

    P.S. Bread you are also one of my favourite girls!

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