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Nommuch really April 25, 2008

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That’s the answer I’ve generally been giving to people lately when they ask what I’ve been up to. It’s not entirely true of course because there are always things going on, it’s just whether or not I think you’ll be interested in replies like ‘I’m doing a few shifts at the pub because school holidays have been on’ or ‘I lost my voice on Wednesday and and still struggling to make much noise’, and it’s also to do with whether or not I can be bothered going into detail about why these things are happening. A simple answer is never enough for my friends and acquaintances.

So, shall I go into adequate detail for you now?

What I have been up to:

As was mentioned above, school holidays have indeed been on, this is a rather bittersweet occasion for me at the moment, because although it’s a welcome 2 week break, it also means that I’ve left the school (and nursery class) that I’ve been teaching at since the start of the school year, and I miss those little tykes. It also means that I have no pay for two weeks, which can be a bit of a struggle when you’ve got shedloads of rent to pay, and council tax to pay (stupid England).

This is why I’ve been working back with Dave at the pub, and it’s been pretty good. Half price meals again, as much juice as I can drink, sleep-ins in the morning, ah this is the life!

OK, school holidays are over and done with now, and I’ve had a couple of days work so far. Yesterday there was a teacher’s strike, so I didn’t like my chances of being called in anyway, and incidentally, I’m really glad no one called because I seem to have lost my voice. Great. This means that I couldn’t work today either, and I was booked up and everything. D’oh! It’s not all bad, it gives me a chance to make some ANZACS and…do nothing really.

Next week things are looking brighter, I’ve already got 3 days booked, and one of them is at the school I went to last week. Apparently they liked me and asked for me back, which is allegedly a rarity within that school. Yay me!

So, all in all, what have I really been up to?  To summarise this entire post, nommuch really.


One Response to “Nommuch really”

  1. Dad Says:

    Yes – no doubt your lack of voice is much appreciated in the London area!

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