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The day Gio came to stay April 9, 2008

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Some of youse have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, and I’ve been saving my blogging prowess until something exciting happened, and guess what? It has!

The first exciting thing that happened is that Gio made it to ‘Londinium’ after all this time, and we celebrated this miraculous occurrence starting on Friday afternoon by first picking him up from Paddington station (I recognised him immediately because he described himself as being dressed as a twat), organising him an Oyster, then going straight to Piccadilly for a whistle-stop tour of central London (and over here to your ‘yawn’ left, is Big Ben, millennium wheel, Downing Street etc blah blah). I’ve done this quite a few times now and I’m really starting to take it for granted…not good.

Big Ben and the London Eye

We ended up getting very hungry and thirsty and going to the Porterhouse pub in Covent Garden for some much needed Boags Premium, and when that got too crowded moved on to the Walkabout pub next door for some Crownies and…Sambucca… 😉 Not to mention the Chocolate Mini Eggs that Gio ate off the (sticky) floor

Crownies at the Walkabout

Dernie Showed up some time after that specifically to laugh at us and buy us some drinks, because we were still thirsty. Noice of him! We left the pub at closing time and took the bus back to my flat. By this time I was very tired…and sober…

Go the number 13 bus!

I don\'t remember this bit, ergo, it didn\'t happen.

See? There’s me being sober

Everything else that night has been made up.  I reasoned that if something is not in my memory then it (obviously) did not happen. Suffice it to say that my flatmates, Gio and Dernie all laughed at me the next day. Ha blimmin’ ha.

At this point I need to say that Friday was the warmest day London has seen this year, it was full-on shorts weather, though I refused to suffer the indignity of bearing my pasty legs. The Saturday must have been one of the coldest days of the year, and on the Sunday I woke up and the whole city looked like this:

The backyard

This was about 10am, in the garden at my flat. Snowfights ensued. 😀

The snow ball

He was aiming for me!

An old Irish trick

‘Just stand under this tree for a minute – there’s a good girl…’



What a shot!

Tulip Icecreams

We made it through our snow war, then went to Hampstead Heath to experience a bit more.  There were some crazy people there wandering around in shorts, but unfortunately I don’t have those photos.  The snow had melted almost completely by the afternoon. 😦 but it was great while it lasted!

That night was another party, this time in my flat, organised by my flatmates. about 10 of us consumed about 5 pizzas, plus sides and 15 bottles of wine.  I did not feel very well halfway through the night so piked it really early (hehe sorry Gio!)  The next day was G’s last day so we went back into town, did a little more sightseeing (this time at the National Gallery – very swish!) then I dropped him back at Paddington Bear station, and he was never heard of again.

Since then I’ve done nothing but sleep, so thanks Gio for coming to visit me and making the snowy weekend even better!

Until next time something exciting happens…


2 Responses to “The day Gio came to stay”

  1. At least if you wear shorts you wont be the only one with pasty legs, you are in England after all, land of the pale!

  2. Annaleis Says:

    You’d be surprised, I was in Marks and Spencer’s one day and overheard this conversation between two women
    ‘Ooh, bless! You look like you’ve caught the sun!’
    ‘Well, I just got back from Spain wiv Garref, inn I?’
    So not everyone’s pasty. Chavs.

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