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More from Stockholm February 21, 2008

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Hiya!  Some of youse blokes have been wondering what Stockholm was like, what we got up to and how cold it was.

Well, when we landed in Skavsta Airport, we found our way on the rainbow bus into Central Station where my mate Lindy was waiting to pick us up in her trusty Volvo.

Initially she drove us around in the middle of the night (we arrived at about 10:30 Sweden time) before finally letting us off at her house out in the ‘burbs to meet her husband Johan and their mate Rob-from-Bristol, who was very funny and very pissed!

After a few welcome late night drinks we turned in for the night, then awoke the next morning to meet Lindy and Johan’s energetic four year old son Emil, who insisted we play table hockey with him for hours!

We eventually escaped with the promise of another game upon our inevitable return, and Lindy whisked us out of the house to see the sights of Gamla Sta – the Old Town.


There was lots to see there, we went into the local church,


and learned a bit of history about the area, like the feature stones around the windows of this building:


which represented each Danish head that was severed during one of the times Sweden ruled Denmark (or vice versa, Lindy wasn’t entirely sure!)

We also saw a cannon ball sticking out of the corner of the building next to this one…apparently it’s been there for centuries…


See it? SEE IT?! It’s just above the round sign on the corner.

After that we sat down for a Semla (marzipan flavoured Swedish cream bun) and a cuppa tea, then waddled off for more sight seeing.  By this time it was about 3pm and starting to get dark.

 stockholm-025.jpg   stockholm-030.jpg

There’s lots of photos like these – check out my Flickr account to see them properly (right hand side)

Hrm, what else?

Oh yes…There was ice at the train station…well pretty much everywhere.  The train station near Lindy’s house was really cool because it was inside a MOUNTAIN!!!


We sampled some authentic Swedish cuisine, which involved a sort of flat bread, with mashed potato, seafood salad, mustard and a hot dog with sauce all in the one package.  In some kind of crazy maverick move, Dernie decided to go for the double-dog option.  Suffice it to say, neither of us could finish this delicacy.



After that lively meal we decided to become a bit more bold with our food choices, and thus purchased one Plopp.


I couldn’t resist a quick nibble. It was pretty much Chickenfeed chocolate with a funny name.

 By far the best bit of site-seeing we did was on our last day – we went to the Vasamuseum, where the Vasa Viking ship resides.  Apologies for the dodgy pic, my camera isn’t much good in bad light, but it was really incredible.  All hand built of course, all wooden, a magnificent structure that had us standing with our mouths open in absolute awe.  Brilliant.


It had two cannon levels which could hold about 200 people each.  Huge!

Anyway, I’d better be off, I’ve waffled on here long enough.  Like I said if you want to see more, go check out my Flickr account!



2 Responses to “More from Stockholm”

  1. Leonie Says:

    Thanks for the pics, they look great. Did you buy a coat? Don’t eat too many plopps cos that’s what will happen…. later on!

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Nah, I didn’t buy a coat, turned out I didn’t need one anyway! I just used the one I bought in Scotland when we were there.
    It was actually colder in London than Stockholm while we were there! Not often you go to Scandinavia to get away from the cold!

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