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I’ve been told January 19, 2008

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to update my bloglet.

Your will be done. Sires.

OK, firstly, since Christmas I’ve been with Dani to Edinburgh where lots of drinks and funs were had, until we had a little bit of a scuffle and both ended up on crutches (D’oh!).  Poor Dani broke her foot and poor stupid me dislocated my knee (again), which resulted in Dani leaving for Australia before the Hogmany celebrations.  Nonetheless, we had a great time up there and I’d love to go again another year! You up for it Danza?

I ended up spending New Years with some new-found friends, and watched the incredible fireworks exploding from Edinburgh Castle at the infamous Street Party – amazing stuff.

Moving right along…

Last weekend I met up with Matt and his girlfriend Eliza (who I recently discovered are living in London) and they invited me along with an interesting night out in Covent Garden – the ‘ex-Tasmanian Londoners’ gathering.  It was a good night; I met Matt and Eliza and their friend Kit at Embankment tube, then we took a short walk along the Strand and slipped unnoticed into the Porterhouse pub, directly opposite the Australia Shop (for all your Tim Tam needs).

We met up with Eliza’s friend Skye-from-Devonport, whereupon we commenced the sampling of the rather large beer collection. Kit and I in particular were most impressed with the Belgian chocolate beer! Mmmm….

After we wandered around for half an hour trying to spot Ricky Ponting look-a-likes we finally settled at a table resigned to the possibility that we might be the only Taswegians there tonight.  Three rounds later we’d moved onto drinking Boags Premium, and it was at this moment when a scout from another group of stranded Tassies noticed us, and invited us to join the group upstairs! Huzzah!  Henceforth, good fun was had by all until the pub was closed, whereupon these photos were sagely tooken.  Thanks to Eliza for passing them on to me!

 Kit, me, Skye-from-Devonport and Eliza
Skye, Matt, Eliza, Kit and me


Kit, me and Eliza – ‘I’ll have two drinks please bar wench!’
Thanks for watching kids! Seeya next time!


4 Responses to “I’ve been told”

  1. Jon Says:

    what lovely red eyes you have!

  2. Hayley Says:

    About time with the blogs 🙂 I like the pics, you should put more of them up!

    You’re looking really good too!

    Not a lot going on here. We just went to the Big Day Out where we saw a few bands including Grinspoon, Silverchair, Regurgitator, Bjork & Rage Against the Machine. Of course Marcus loved RATM! Gurg were fantastic too.

    Well, let us know what’s going on!

    Cheers, Hayley

  3. Annaleis Says:

    Hey! Yes I put my red contacts in especially for that night!
    Hey Hayley, BDO sounded wicked, wish I could have gone! Would have been great to see Gurg especially. I don’t hear much about them over here 😦
    More blogging will happen sooner or later, it looks like i’ll be going to Sweden for a few nights this month! w00t!
    So I’ll take lots of pictures and somehow get them up here for youse blokes to see.
    Toodle pips!

  4. Dani Says:

    Sure I’d be up for it, but I think I’ve made plans to go to Sydney this NYE… if you’re still there next year however we can try again then – I promise to do my best to remain in one piece! 🙂

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