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White Christmas? December 17, 2007

Filed under: England — Annaleis @ 4:35 pm

Yep, while all you yobbos back home are sunning yourselves and trying your best to get skin cancer, I’m having a great wintery Christmas, full of mulled wine and drunken-Santa Christmas parties in Covent Garden. 

Lately it’s been so cold that people have been staying inside.  I was hoping it was going to snow today, it still might if i’m lucky.  Or unlucky;  I still have to walk home!

Since winter began I’ve been ice skating outdoors in East London, everywhere has been all prettied up – bright lights covering the street lamps and twinkling ones in all the trees make you feel like you’re in A Christmas Carol. All this and then Bing Crosby arrives, blaring out ‘Winter Wonderland’ from the back of the local pub.

Temperatures here have been hitting nearly freezing during the day, it’s a lot colder than it was last year – and my flatmates are laughing at me because I bought some hard-core thermals the other day to take to Scotland (where it really is snowing!)  I think I’ll definitely be using them continuously for the 10 days I’ll be there.

All in all Christmas is shaping up to be pretty damn good.  There are 2 more days left of school, and tomorrow is our party day when Father ‘I don’t go by Santa anymore’ Christmas will come to visit.

After that I’ll have a nice early Christmas dinner with me mate Dave (Brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner?  Whatever next!), then go and see my flatmate singing at a Christmas concert, then I’m off on the train to Edinburgh!

So Good luck and Merry Christmas everyone.  Don’t forget to have a beer for me,  I’ll be doing the same for you!


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