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July/August 2007 August 25, 2007

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Although the English weather tried its best to destroy my spirits, I still managed to have a great summer, helped mainly by the presence of me Ma and Da, who as you avid followers of blogdom know, came over to visit Europe for 3 weeks, and me for 7.

I’m pleased to announce that they made it back to Australia safely, and are still suffering the pangs of jetlag.

Enough of that formal bollocks, let’s get down to the real stuff!

One sunny weekend we took a train to Brighton for a grand day out. The beach there is fantastic, not a grain of sand in sight, and those funny little deckchairs are for hire that you thought you would only see on telly.


Check out the sand:


That’s something I don’t wanna get in my eyes.

Enough of that gallivanting about on beaches.

On Saturday July 21 we packed our bags, left Golders Green, tubed to Edgware with our bags in tow and picked up our hire car. No Air-con, but that’s OK, right? Not so right. Anyway, from London we travelled North on the M1 until we reached York, about 3 hours drive away, methinks.

York is a smaller city in the county of Yorkshire, and was settled by the Romans way back in the day, and also has a long and bloody viking history too. It’s got a cute little castle called Clifford’s Tower, where many of the Jewish community were burned alive for some real or imagined slight back in the days of old.


It used to be made of wood, and you can pay a few quid to go up into it and see the car park next door.

York Minster was pretty amazing


I particularly liked these kingly dudes, who were camped out inside


Sorry they’re so blurry, my camera is afraid ofthe dark.

We also went to a car/plane/bike show. Interesting stuff.

100_5125.jpg 100_5117.jpg

That’s enough for now, my eyes are pulsating and it just doesn’t feel right.  Coming up in the next installment, Edinburgh, Loch Ness, John O’Groats and much more!

Stay tuned.



2 Responses to “July/August 2007”

  1. Loch Ness MONSTER! Finally updated my blog, 3 new posts. Checkit

  2. Cass Says:

    Pull your finger out! I want to know what your up to! And although I am guessing that you are working all day and dont have the time or energy to do a new post, that’s no excuse!

    P.S. Hope you are well!!

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