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Up and Down and Back Again August 4, 2007

Filed under: England,Friends and Family,Ramblings,The Social Scene — Annaleis @ 5:53 pm

Hi once again from the Emerald Isle!
Just a little update for you avid fans out there…

After touring in a hired Fiat Punto around Scotland, then south through Cumbria and into Wales (visiting some rather quaint little unpronouncable villages along the way – some with buildings older than the nation in which I was born), we have now arrived in the greenest of the green lands – no, not Greenland, you fools – Ireland!

We have just finished day 1 of an 8 day bus tour which promises to take us around the coastal areas of the Republic of Ireland, and into Northern Ireland. We have been promised a world of fun, and so far the tour company have delivered, and I have sampled the kiss of the Blarney Stone, which may to some extent explain why I’m dribbling so much today. And so eloquently too.

Over the next few days we’ll go see the Gaint’s Causeway and other such attractions, and probably drink lots o’f Guinness. After the tour we’re heading straight back to Bristol, picking up our new hire car and heading to South West England, where we’ll tour the likes of Weston-super-Mare (Bottom fans will understand), Cornwall and Devon.

In Cornwall we’ll be going to Lands end, which ties into where we went in Scotland, a lovely little place called John O’Groats, which just happens to be the furthest distance in Britain from Lands end in Cornwall. I’ll have been to both extremes! Hurrah.
OK, signing off now –
It’s going to be great Craic!


7 Responses to “Up and Down and Back Again”

  1. Sounds like you are having a cracking good time. Happy Birthday (I know it’s late but I missed my bro’s completely, so feel special)

  2. Breads been piccy of the week forever.

  3. I know I’m commenting a lot but I was wonderin, who has those rank pics of me, G and Cam (you know the ones) I want to put them up on my blog if possible.

  4. Bread Says:


    Yeah i agree- i’m sick of eating sushi. I think it has been at least a two months-yuck!

    I have the pics of you boys in Annalies bed- is that what you were talking about? Give us your email again and i’ll do my best to get them to ya on a word document.

    Oh and hi Leisy (Sorry!)

  5. Annaleis Says:

    I have a picture of Gio eating a sausage roll from Brendan’s near naked crotch. That has to be the one you mean.

  6. Bread Says:

    Eww nasty- now i remember…
    Oooh and the ones of the boys being “Target Catalouge” Models, he he.

  7. They are indeed the legendary pictures. My email is, so if possible could whoever has them email them to me. Fanx

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