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Best school Evarrrr! July 10, 2007

Filed under: Education,Friends and Family — Annaleis @ 11:26 am

Why? I hear you mumble as you’re just about to click on some link to take you away from yet another horifically long winded blog post from mine truly?

Well click no further, because here are the reasons:

  1. Today at school I’ve got an hour and a half lunch break,
  2. I can use the computer in my classroom and nothing worthwhile checking (like email) has been blocked on account of it being unfit for looking at during school,
  3. The kids are rooooly noice and have a well planned day, which I just have to follow off the time table  (They know what they’re doing anyway),
  4. The school is a short walk away from where Mum and Dad are staying, so I don’t have to waste precious monies getting around London (Hurrah!)

That is all. Bye!


5 Responses to “Best school Evarrrr!”

  1. Bread Says:

    Sounds rosy! You’ve scored well…

    Hello to Mr & Mrs Wynwood- I hope they are having a fun time and aren’t partying too hard!

  2. Bread Says:

    P.S- How come i’m just a outline on “Recent Comments”? How can i put a picture there???

  3. Noice!

    Hi Bread, hows u??

    Love, Gio

  4. Bread Says:

    Good thanks Gio. I’ll head to your website to do some browsing now. Hope life is treating you well…

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