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Thorry! June 7, 2007

Filed under: Education,England,Friends and Family — Annaleis @ 4:34 pm

Oi youse blokes,

Sup?  I know it seems that I’ve been slack but believe it or not, I’m actually really busy.


Yes, working, what did you think I was doing?  Having fun?  Pfft!

Anyway, sorry to Nig and Nic, cos I haven’t yet linked your illustrious weblogs to my own superior (but only in the entire worlds eyes) weblog.  It will be done, as you wish. At the appropriate juncture.  All in good time.

In more interesting news,  I’ve been working in a nursery in SW London, which is really cool.  I’m saving up as much as I can before me Ma and Da (That’s Welsh for ‘th’oldies’) skip the country to come and see me!  Hoorah!  Hooray!

I have to go,  I’m using the agency’s puter. They don’t like it when I stay up all night checkin’ out Things Like This…



4 Responses to “Thorry!”

  1. darla Says:

    eya…nice to hear from ya! whats been going down?

  2. Good to see yo still alive. When you comin to Japan to visit.

    Lots of love bRendan

  3. Geofro Says:

    A nursery. Like for plants or small people?

    I like plants.

  4. Annaleis Says:

    I quite like small people, except for that small bloke I said g’day to at the pub and he hurled a string of abuse at me for ‘staring’…prick.

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