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I’m back May 16, 2007

Filed under: England,Friends and Family — Annaleis @ 10:53 am

And with a vengeance.  I’ve just discovered that the net cafe down the road lets you upload photos…and really cheaply too!

To top it off, Bread sent me a disc with all her Pommy and France photos on it too, so up they go!


7 Responses to “I’m back”

  1. deaddarla Says:

    sugoi! arse to work.

  2. Sup bromandude

    we got the net again, its mad radical.
    hopefully ill see u on msn or some such, catcha on the flip flop

  3. Annaleis Says:

    No, catch you on the flip flop…i mean thong…flip flops are such a pommy thing!

  4. nigelcharles Says:

    hey i said it to b and g, you gotta add me to your blog role or im gunna burn a bag of kittens!!
    Aight Luv!

  5. Annaleis Says:

    Yeah I know Nig, I know, i’ll do it soon, and I’ve also gotta put Nicole’s new Myspace page up too.
    All in good time!

  6. friendlyyoungmen Says:

    Ohayo!! We love u, come over!!

    Love, G

  7. nic Says:

    hey onaleish!!!! hows things chicky had a fire at work 2day ha ha not much damage was downstairs details all on myspace, bastard alarms went off at 4 finish time we couldnt get back in to get our things till 5 30 was a cold long wait with no smokes money food or jackets felt homeless anyways just letting you know im thinkin of you there is a dude i know on my myspace that is in london as well his name is daniel you should check it out hes a nice guy anyways hun talk to you soon LUV YA LOTS!!!!!!! nic x

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