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Daily April 25, 2007

Filed under: England — Annaleis @ 12:33 pm

Yeah, I know it’s been a long time since I last posted anything on here, and believe me, I’ve still got a lot of pictures to put up, but at the moment I’m too busy getting into some kind of rut to do anything about it.

Since moving to GG, my priorities have changed. Now instead of this:

  1. Travel around
  2. Meet people
  3. Earn lots of money

They seem to have morphed into this:

  1. Get up
  2. Go to work (if there is any)
  3. Pay rent
  4. Pay bills

I guess that’s what a lot of other people are doing too, but I need to be saving up hard for the summer, when I might get some REAL travelling done!

If all else fails and I remain broke with little or nothing to show for it, I might consider teaching english in a non-English-speaking country!

Any suggestions about cool countries to go to?

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10 Responses to “Daily”

  1. Cass Says:

    How about Wales? (sorry, too much british comedy…)

  2. Kim Says:

    Come to North Korea!

    It paradise!

  3. Josie Says:

    Go to Japan!! You will love it. Nova recruit from there too!! 🙂

  4. deaddarla Says:

    come to indonesia and see me!

  5. deaddarla Says:

    oh yeah i think the schools to teach english in indo are called English First….

  6. Come see me in Japan.

    We are semi back. I have worked out how to steal wireless internet on my laptop at work. There is a new post and lots of new pics so check them out. I will try to post more regular but no promises till I get internet reconnected at home.

  7. Dani Says:

    How about Penguin? 😉

  8. nige Says:

    hey lise, am posting here cause i dont know how else to on wordpress.. . . im in korea again, working for koreas biggest kindergarden,,,they are hiring like 4 new teachers if you know anyone interested, tis a way better school than the shifty one last year…. anyway dropping you a line to say Hey. hit me back,,,somehow…

  9. Annaleis Says:

    Hey Nig, nice to hear from you finally!
    What are you doing teaching kindergarten? Don’t you need a degree for that?
    Anyway, I don’t know of any teachers here who wanna head to Korea for Kindy, I’ll keep my eyes peeled!
    Dani, wanna go to korea with Nig?

  10. nicole Says:

    hey leis just checkin out what you have been up to, same as me bills bills freakin bills, luv ya talk to you soon chiky

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