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Golders Green and Hampstead Heath March 6, 2007

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These Londoners really like their alliteration. They also like epiglottal stops and making fun of the the ‘Norf Country’, but that’s another matter entirely.

The reason for this heading has a lot to do with where I have lived, where I am living, and where I am going to live, although the first two are one and the same, but they occurred in different houses…erm.

GG and HH are both in North London, just a short bus ride away from one another (10 minutes, tops). Despite their close proximity they are in different boroughs (councils). HH is in the Camden borough while GG is in Barnet. GG is also a predominent Jewish area, full of Kosher shops and blokes with curly hair and funny hats.

Here is a nice map for people to get their head around what I’m talking ’bout:


It’s divided into the different areas of London, ie; east London,

north, central, west and south…you get the picture.

I’m going to see the real estate agent tomorrow who looks after the property I’m probably moving to at GG at the end of March. I’ve gone for the share-house option, because there’s no way any average-wage earning Londoner can afford to live by themselves. The people living there seem really easy-going and they have a dishwasher, washing machine and drier all installed in the huge kitchen.

The room itself is quite small, but it comes fully furnished, like most places round here, and there’s tonnes of storage space for all my other junk. I really don’t mind considering one of the other bedrooms has no windows at all on account of being in the middle of the flat, which sports some rather dodgy-public-toilet vents along the top of the walls.

Another feature that caught my attention is that there is a shower! There are also two toilets, but I was rather quickly informed that one of them ‘doesn’t take solids’. Thanks for the heads up, mate.

The best part about it would have to be the rent. It’s way cheaper than Hampstead (where all the celebs and Big Brother evictees live) without being too far away from all the action!

Anyway, it’s late, and I can’t tell whether this ramble makes sense or not, or if I’ve missed anything out.  I’ll read it tomorrow and fix it.

In the meantime, night!


11 Responses to “Golders Green and Hampstead Heath”

  1. Bread Says:

    A shower- Yay! No more quick baths!! You’ve gotta love that!

  2. Make sure you watch them solids, you wouldn’t want it all overflowing into the windowless bedroom. My bedroom has iron bars, sometimes I like to pretend I’m in prison.

  3. Alastair Says:

    A non solids toilet? Neat! I don’t have anything cool like bars on my window but when I leave the curtains open black people can stare at me from the other block of flats. 😀

  4. Annaleis Says:

    If people start doing that around here you’d better duck…

  5. Marcus Says:

    Didn’t you have solids in your fridge once?

  6. Annaleis Says:

    At least they weren’t in my derps.

  7. Bread Says:

    Marcus just loves the solids. He even took photos when we made the fake poo.

  8. Annaleis Says:

    What do you mean fake?

  9. Em Says:

    Ello knobber! Hope you’re having ounces of fun. You survived Bread obviously… 😉

  10. Bread Says:

    Hey! What do you mean survived? I’m not a cyclone or anything!

  11. Dani Says:

    Yep, its me again going crazy on the comments! I can’t remember your email, and I’m guessing you have another mobile number!!!

    I have my Aussie phone with me, and my email is attached to this comment (I think, somehow…) so if you wanna, drop me a line and maybe we can take advantage of the good ol’ cheap Ryanair and visit each other! Once I have contact details I’ll give you my Ireland mobile.

    One hour here and you’re in another country – so much more exciting the going “to the mainland”. 🙂

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