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Oot and aboot January 12, 2007

Filed under: Education,England,Friends and Family,The Social Scene — Annaleis @ 11:26 pm

Hi there, I’m back for a little soiree on the internet during lunch time at a school today (I’ve got yr 3’s, they’re awesome!)
As most of you know Bread Bread is here, and we’ve been touring up a storm!
So far we have been to Windsor Castle and Eton, got photos with Cap’n Jack (jealous?), saw a heap of huge fishes in huge tanks, saw London from the top of an overgrown Ferris Wheel, watched a movie-film or two, had tea with the Queen at Buck Palace (well almost – she pretended she wasn’t home…), listened to Big Ben and checked out the remains of Diana’s famous dresses.
Bread will be here for another couple of weeks, and we’ve got a lot of stuff planned!
Yesterday we booked tickets to Paris, and we’re staying for 3 nights! The day after we arrive we are going to Disneyland! Wahey! (Sorry, picked that up from some poms…won’t happen again.)
We’re also taking a day trip to Brighton in the next week or so (south of London on the coast – pebbley beaches here we come!)
Oh yeah, we might even squeeze in a trip to the theatre so see either Avenue Q or Cirque du Soleil – Alegria

Well, sadly lunch is coming to an end and I have to get off the internet.
I hope everyone is well and that Bread’s sister still hasn’t squidged out a kid 😉
Until next time, Gadget!

PS; There are lots of pics to put up now – stay tuned!


One Response to “Oot and aboot”

  1. nicole Says:

    hey annaleis and bread!!! happy new year guys!!! hope yas arent freezin your tooshes off its a nice 25′ here shorts and singlet weather hope yoose are teachin the poms the ozzie lingo good and proper luv yas!!!!

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