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Money in the bank! December 2, 2006

Filed under: Education,England,Friends and Family — Annaleis @ 1:31 am

Today was pay day, and co-incidently, my first day off in about a fortnight.  There was so much excess cash that for the first time since I’ve been here I’ve been able to spare some for the savings account!  now I can start to forget the Australian exchange rate (the stuff of nightmares),  and look forward to being able to eat out occasionally.

This week I’ve had 3 really good days of teaching, plus working in the pub.  The schools liked me so  much that they asked for me back.  The school I went to on Monday was one I’d taught at a few times before,  so it seems there are some good things happening in that department…of education…

Since there’s nothing much else been happening to me lately,  I’ll talk about someone else for a bit –


Poor Hayley had the fright of her life the other day when her appendix nearly exploded on her.  I’m not quite sure of the exact order of happenings, but she ended up in hospital one way or another for an operation on the offending appendage.  She is now sporting a really cool scar just ‘above her derps’ and is going home today!


This doesn’t belong to Hayley, but doesn’t it look cool?

Hurrah for Hayley!

Oh and birthday wishes for Ally! 


3 Responses to “Money in the bank!”

  1. deaddarla Says:

    aw thanks…eep i sure hope hayley is ok!

  2. Annaleis Says:

    I think she is – as far as I can tell!

  3. Hayley Says:

    Hi Ally! Yeah, I’m ok. Recovering nicely. It’s great to have time off work too! Just a bit sore every now & then & get a bit worn out. But nearly there!

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