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Another shot November 3, 2006

Filed under: Education,England — Annaleis @ 2:23 am

Disenchanted with the whole ‘teaching in London’ thing, yesterday I went to 7 different pubs, a ‘pub crawl’ if you will. 

After having shown incredible restrain while around alcohol,  and asking for 7 different jobs, with no result, or even a spark of interest from anyone, I felt like going on a real pub crawl.  Instead, Kath and I went to the movies.  We paid for our tickets on a machine with a touch screen and watched ‘The Departed’.  It was excellent.  Lots of guns, blood, and twists and turns.  Hopefully soon we will see ‘Borat: Cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazahkstan’, or something like that. Love the flouro shoulder budgie smugglers. 

Anyway, back on track again…

I signed up for another agency today, and the guy I talked to gawked in carefully rehearsed disbelief at my mere pittance of £47 for a whole days work (a one off, but still…).  He promised that as a teacher I would not be working as a nursery nurse, and anyway, nursery nurses at this agency get no less than £70 a day in the bank.  

Tomorrow, which I’m most impressed about, I am going back for a 2 hour crash course about the National Curriculum.  I missed out by about a week on the other one I was offered, and since arriving have had no curricular direction to help me teach.  I’ve just been winging it and faking.  If I’m all registered by tomorrow I could also be starting work Monday.  To top things off, this bloke reckons he only deals with the schools north of the Thames, and someone else looks after the South.  So far only one school I’ve taught at has been to the north, so hopefully my travelling time (and costs) will be cut.

We shall see.

Fingers crossed!


9 Responses to “Another shot”

  1. Cat Says:

    Hey Annaleis,

    Hope you get it all sorted and find some work! How crappy of them not to emply you 😉 How’s it all going, other than no work???

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Hey Cat! For some reason I found this comment in the spam folder, I had to rescue it! It’s all going ok, other than no work. Stupid no work.

  3. Cat Says:

    Iam not spam!! LMAO

  4. G Says:

    U know what i say to that Annaleis…… GRRRR to no work 😀 hahaha
    hope u find some soon….

  5. Hayley Says:

    Hey… maybe you should try for a restaurant job… be a drinks wench again, like u were at Pedros 🙂 ha ha ha…

    Hopefully things will pick up on the teaching front! How can they not give you a job! They must be crazy!

    We’re still looking after Oscar at the moment, & we have Charlie just for the long weekend, as your pop & Harley have gone away. Oscawor says “Woof!”, which, as you know, means “Hello Annaleis” in english 🙂

    Oh… and as of today, we now have broadband connected! Yay!!! You’ll probably hear from us a lot more now! Marcus went to Penguin High the other day & bought an old computer for me, so we can both be nerds at the same time 🙂 Hopefully it will make me do more homework too!!

    Anyway… it’s midday and I haven’t showered yet, so I better get going! Oh, as I said above, it’s a public holiday today. Recreation Day, or whatever. Melbourne Cup is on tomorrow, so you should try & catch a glimpse of that on TV, if they show it there. Partake in a great Aussie tradition 😉

    Ok… going now… talk soon!

  6. Gio Says:

    Mmmm english monies

  7. Gio Says:

    By the by, my new email is

    Its professional sounding!

  8. Al Says:

    Sounds pretty gay to me! 😛

  9. Annaleis Says:

    Sounds pretty woggy to me! Shouldn’t it say Fran?

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