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The end of half term October 28, 2006

Filed under: England — Annaleis @ 10:41 pm

‘Tis the end of the half term break here in London, which means it’s back to doing the hard slog of hour long tube rides – journeys that allow your face and nostrils to accumulate the most amount of grime in the shortest amount of time possible, visible to the naked eye – only to be rewarded with half pay (because as a teacher, I am not above the duties of a nursery nurse – hey, I gotta make a livin’ somehow). 

This week I accomplished little in the sense that I didn’t get too far out and about, but I did accomplish a lot in terms of journey planning.  I bought a map of the UK, which is currently pinned up on the notice-board in the kitchen. Two lonely drawing pins adorn its centre indicating the places I have been so far.  One pin stabs through the heart of London, which leaves me smirking the way people do when they’ve just discovered that they have been incorrectly given the Paradise Platter at a fancy restaurant when they really just ordered the chowder, and some fat bloke at the next table gets your chowder, then later is asked to fork out the $79.90 for the meal that you have eaten and he has not, which incidently, you failed to mention to the waiting staff, while the fat bloke tries to get the staff fired because of their incompetence, every time I saunter past to refill my cuppa. The other pierces the heart of Oxford, which I wouldn’t normally approve of, but hey, it’s an everyday map with no voodoo curse that I know of, so we can safely assume that there is no gargantuan metal rod lodged in the middle of the beautiful city, while the sky is blotted out by the umbrella-esque cap of the humble drawing pin.

Hopefully the next destination I pierce through the heart and leave whimpering with the anguish and yearning that is so often experienced in the wake of my departure will be down south, so I’m saving up over the next couple of weeks to head off on a bus (way cheaper than trains apparently, thanks Kath!) and spend a weekend sunning myself in what I can only imagine to be a pommy version of Penguin. If that’s the case then I really don’t think I’ll be doing that much sunning.  I might be doing a lot of sight-seeing though, because according to my newly acquired guidebook, there’s a lot of things to gawk at down there.

In other news, I’m at Keat’s Library (remember the poet? There are a lot of Keat’s related things around Hampstead), and I’m using the net for free! Beats using the net for half an hour at a time for £1.  I have also discovered that this is the first place that will let me use a CD, so next time I come here I’ll be able to put some pics on! Hurrah!  I bet something goes wrong and I won’t be able to do it.  Typical.

Another thing:  Why don’t any of these computers have any kind of instant messenger installed? Why!

Tally ho, and all that.


12 Responses to “The end of half term”

  1. Dani Says:

    Hey Leis,
    Your could try having a Gmail account, that would allow you to use gtalk (you’d have to talk everyone else into using it too, but hey! can’t be that hard!). I don’t think theres any download needed for that one!
    You just gotta, not cheat as such, but um, be inventive with these kinds of things!
    Congrats on the free internet, those other fees sounded evil!

  2. Al Says:

    You can log into MSN through the web browser using 😀 it works ok.

  3. deaddarla Says:

    aw i was gonna go with the mechanism, but ‘Ol ‘Al beat me to it 😦
    next time Gadget!

  4. Al Says:


  5. Annaleis Says:

    Tried Meebo, will try it again though, sometimes they don’t work for some infuriating reason.
    Dani, I’ve had a gmail account since you could get them, problem is not many other people have gtalk, pretty much only talk to Ally and Jon on that.
    Spanks anyhoo

  6. Annaleis Says:

    Oh yeah, and there’s also the time difference thing, which has changed again due to daylight savings…now we’re 11 hours apart!

  7. Annaleis Says:

    Meebo is blocked on these computers – arseholes.

    To top things off the network admin has also blocked Google chat.

    No communication allowed apparently.

  8. Jon Says:

    They’re blocking Google Talk!!!


    Oh well, back to good old emails.

  9. Annaleis Says:

    Yay! Library = no chat
    Agency computer = Meebo + Google chat!

  10. Dani Says:

    I think all the non-gmail people need beating up, and the sys admin guys who’ve locked down the computers so much!
    How mean can you get??

  11. Josie Says:

    Wow, it sound like you have some adventures planned ahead! Glad you are having fun and exlporing the area! and yes, Gmail rocks!

  12. EM Says:

    well you should have my gmail 😀

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