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What is up: October 23, 2006

Filed under: England — Annaleis @ 11:27 pm

This is what’s been happening:

I worked a few days this week, which is great.  I could have had a full week only I had a cold and was afraid of losing my voice (again).

This week is mid-term break, so I get a week off for nothing! Hurrah!

Hobby craft was a dud, it cost me £6 (or $15AU) to get there and back on the Tube, because of the Zones I had to travel through, and they didn’t pull through on their promise of an awesomely cool shop.  Disappointment abounds.

At home I’ve been torn between watching endless sitcoms on telly, cooking things with rice and trying to give Kath (new roomie) pep talks about her nursing exam, which was today.  The girl has similar studying habits to myself – procrastinate to the max, go for a walk, have a snooze, wail endlessly about how this can’t be happening and how failure is imminent. Luckily I won’t need to be doing any studying for a while.  I hope. 

She had her exam this morning, and indeed is expecting failure, but if she really is anything like me, she’ll pass no worries! 😉

If the weather is good tomorrow I might be talking advantage of it and going to Stonehenge.  I’ll bring my camera, but I still can’t find anywhere where I can get them onto a computer to put on Flickr.  Grr.

Bread,  I’m saving a lot of fun stuff until you get here, cos they’re a bit ‘spensive  to go twice, and they’ll be more fun going with a friend.  What do you think about the London Dungeon, Madame Tusseads, The London Eye (millenium wheel), London Zoo, and perhaps…Ireland?

Hmm, I thought as much.


7 Responses to “What is up:”

  1. Bread Says:

    Yep good thinking 99!! No point in wasting those precious pounds. I’m getting my passport done today-yippee. When should i book my flight?

  2. Annaleis Says:

    errr, i don’t know that be up to you!
    I don’t have holidays when you do, dammit, but we’ll work something out. If you come after January you might have to help me move 😀

  3. Bread Says:

    Can i come for New Years? Surely you aren’t required to work with a hangover? If you are working, i could be your teachers slave (oops aide).
    No problem with helping you to move-at least i can say i have moved house in another country!!

  4. G Says:

    HEY HEY… just thought i would tell ya cat is still trying to talk to ya but she’s having trouble leaving comments:P… and i get to say hi:P soo HI:P have fun up there..:D

  5. Annaleis Says:

    OOh Cat eh? I was wondering about her – and I’ve bought b’day pressies for her, so expect something in a few weeks!
    Not sure why she’s having trouble leaving comments – maybe Akismet (spam catcher) thinks she is too naughty…

  6. Dani Says:

    Hey Leis,
    Your roommate sounds like she has my study habits too, I often wonder how I got through uni!
    Its been awhile, hope all is going well (apart from the disappointing shops and naughty kids!). May bump into one day (well in my dreams, I’ve yet to jump on that plane, but I will, soon…)

  7. Annaleis Says:

    Woo! Dani! nice to hear from you. All is going well, back to school (I hope) on Monday, break’s over for me!

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