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The teaching front September 19, 2006

Filed under: Education,England — Annaleis @ 9:40 pm

Well, here I am again in Covent Garden,  using the internet free of charge courtesy of my agency.  My personal consultant has just been over to see me and got my new bank account details so she can pay me, and she let me know that they’re trying to get me a position in the south of London, so she’ll keep me posted. 

Right now as schools are only 2 weeks into their first term of the new academic year (yeah, I know – it’s September.  Don’t ask.) all the teachers are fresh and unfortunately for me not sick at all.  I’m thinking that maybe I should start spreading some kind of cold around the schools in Hampstead.  That should get my foot in the door.  Cough cough.

This week I’d be happy to start doing relief, if only people would get sick!  Sometime soon though teachers are going to start going on Professional Development days, so that’ll give me an opportunity to get some money coming in.

Fingers crossed!

Lig update:  my legs are getting used to walking up and down hills three times a day.  I think I’ve already lost a couple of kilos too!  Only it doens’t always feel like it because the sizes here are annoyingly smaller – making me a 16 when I’m not!  Argh!

oh yeah…photos still to come blah blah blah…crikey!


3 Responses to “The teaching front”

  1. Josie Says:

    You should try shopping in Japan… grr.. When the smalls are like a size 4 I swear.. and largers are a 12.
    I have been hunting around Victoria for jobs.. looking promising!
    Tassie weather here is shit.. Or is it just because I am in Hobart??

  2. Geoff Says:

    Sounds like you are going well.

    Very jealous of you living your dream. A dream of mine (one of) is to work on a fishing boat off the Cornish coast (where my ancestors are from). Or maybe I could teach kids how to swear in Austraayyan.

  3. Annaleis Says:

    Hehe Josie, over here I range from being an Extra large, which i think is about an 18, to a 10. I bought a size 12 skirt yesterday though 😉 The weather here has been stiking hot still. It rained alst night though!
    Geoff, I’m already teaching to locals a thing or two about being Occa! See you in Cornwall!

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