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I made it! September 11, 2006

Filed under: England — Annaleis @ 10:15 pm

Hi everyone, I’m just dropping a line to let you know I’m OK, and staying at Jules’ house in Hampstead, which is kinda NNW of London city.  Right now I’m in Clapham (sounds like some sort of disease hehe).

I’ve been to see one agency, which is what brings me to Clapham in the first place.  I got here by taking the tube (the underground train), then by switching to a normal train, which isn’t actually scary at all, more like the Metro buses, but less confusing ;).  Except for when you have to pay for your ticket and you’ve got no idea how to give it to the guy behind the bullet-proof glass.  Apparently you just sit it on the circle in front of you and he hits the button and it spins round.  I kinda wish he spoke English so he could tell me that!

I’m going to see another agency tomorrow in Covent Garden, so I’ll bring my camera. 

Things seem to be working out well,  I’m staying with Jules, who is a friend of Mum’s friend at work, and she knows her way around everywhere.  I might have 3 months of accommodation at Hampstead where she lives, because she’s itching to come back home to see her Aussie friends and family, and needs someone to keep her room so she can have it when she comes back.  That’s where I come in! 

I’m going to get rooooooly fit walking around here.  There are 4 flights of stairs where I’m staying right now, and I have to walk to get to any tube station or bus stop.  It’s a lot different from home.

The plane trip over to here sucked.  Lucky I had 4 hours waiting time in Melbourne, because the freight people stuffed up and for some reason had my suitcase locked in a cage, which no-one there had access to til 2pm.  I had to line up for my flight at 10am, and board at 11.  Luckily they extracted their digits and brought my bag up while I was waiting in line. 

I got through customs and immigration alright (obviously), but it’s a bit scary when they start asking questions.  Lucky I’m tough and resilient!  The most annoying one was when I just got to Aukland, and the lady at the customs desk kept asking me if I was “hidding” anywhere tonight.  She was getting really pissed off because I had to tell her I couldn’t understand her accent.  Note to self:  Don’t piss off the customs people.  I did better at the US customs.

Right now I have a mobile phone number, and Jules has a spare mobile phone that works well and has lent to me for a week or so until I can get a decent one.  I’ll email the number to some people, but I’m not sure if you can reach me on it.  I’m with Vodaphone, and it cost me a whopping £5!

I also had to get an “Oyster” card for the tube (tee hee, snort), kind of like a pre-paid card that I put money on whenever, and it takes me wherever.  I’ve just got to pass it over the sensor thing for half a second.  It cost me £3 with £10 travel credit.  It’ll probably last a week or so I spose.

I’ve got to go get a phone card, that will also cost £13.  It’s worth £20 and lets me use any phone while charging it to my prepaid card.  That means I can use Jules’ home phone to ring wherever, and it takes the money off my card instead of billing her. 

Anyway, I’d better go,  I only have an hour, but it only costs £1, or $2.20 for you guys.

Talk to you soon!


11 Responses to “I made it!”

  1. Al Says:

    Huzzah! The mighty pound pokes fun at my poor Australian dollar.

  2. Marcus Says:

    Hi! Sounds like you are having fun already! I’m jealous!!
    I can’t wait to see some photos of your new surroundings.
    Miss ya – bye!!

  3. Nicole Says:

    hey groova!!! glad to hear that you are sussing all the pommy stuff out! cant wait to read the next installment, hope you r having a ball talk to you soon

  4. Annaleis Says:

    I’m in Covent Garden! There’s no garden anywhere but there are lots and loooots of shops! It’s also still stinking hot, but now it’s stinking hot AND muggy 😦 might as well be in Qld.
    Oh, I just bought some vegemite! :D:D:D

  5. Hayley Says:

    Yay! You’re all set up! Can’t wait to come visit. We’ll be saving up our $$!
    Was talking to a guy at work (an ex Yorkshire man) & mentioned you might try for a job in Liverpool. He said ‘yuck, she doesn’t want to be in a big city’. He said he spent 10 days in London last year… that was enough 🙂
    But it’s a great big adventure for ya! You’ll love it wherever you go! Keep letting us know what you’re up to & we’ll send u pics of the house… when we finally get in it!
    Miss u! Luv H.

  6. deaddarla Says:

    woo! glad you made it in one piece! cant wait to see photos!

  7. Annaleis Says:

    Yay! I’m not quite set up for photos yet 😦 I’ll get round with my camera soon, I need to buy a shoulder bag to carry all that tourist crap around. Right now I’ve got a shopping bag with my folders and stuff in it to show the teaching agency my documents. Not comfy. Not comfy indeed.
    London isn’t as scary as I thought, I could hack it for a while here I reckon. The tube’s bloody easy to use, I got here without any help. On the weeknd Jules reckons she’ll rope her friend into giving a tour on the weekend – apprently it’s her passion.

  8. Josie Says:

    Sounds like you adventures have started already.. Exciting times.. Take care.. Can’t wait for more juicy stories.. Not that they have been juicy.. hmm…

  9. Bread Says:

    Hello Leisy!
    I’m really glad you’re safe and sound. Mum and i were getting worried about you. So, it seems you are a real Londoner now, ridin the tube and talking about Coventry Gardens.
    I’m putting my tax cheque in the bank so i can come and visit…
    Have fun!

  10. Catherine Says:

    Hey Annaleis!!

    So glad to hear that everything is going smoothly for ya! Can’t wait to see some piccies either, how exciting! 😉 very dull life here! LOL

  11. Al Says:

    Vegemite! Huzzah!

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