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Going for a good time, not a long time. September 8, 2006

Filed under: England — Annaleis @ 11:24 pm

It’s here.  In 5 hours I need to wake up, get dressed and get to the airport.

Scary stuff.  Exciting stuff.

I will be in the air for 29 hours and 45 minutes.

I will be waiting in airports for 12 hours.

Then I will be there.  It’s going to be a big weekend.

But as Nicole keeps telling me,  I’m going for a good time, not a long time.

I’ll post when I can next get to a computer, be it in an internet cafe, an airport or at the friends house I will be staying at for the first week or so.

See you then.



8 Responses to “Going for a good time, not a long time.”

  1. Al Says:

    Cheese it! We’ll miss ya 😀

  2. Catherine Says:

    Good Luck Annaleis!! Gunna miss you heaps!

  3. deaddarla Says:

    arg! we miss ya already! have a good one!

  4. Annaleis Says:

    Hey! I’m un Aukland on an airport internet terminal!
    hehe that un was a typo…really. But that doens’t mean I’ll fix it.

  5. Em Says:


  6. Josie Says:

    Hey there..
    Its a looooong flight to the UK, but hey its time for a new life, new kids, new start.. enjoy it!

  7. Hayley Says:

    Hi Annaleis! Let us know how you’re going. Glad to hear you arrived ok. How are things where you are staying? Is Julie nice? Let me know your address when you have one & I’ll send u some more Paw Paw ointment!!! I bet they’re in New Zealand using it now! Grrrrrrrr!

  8. Cass Says:

    Cant wait to hear how it’s all going!! I did send you a text msg before you left but I didn’t actually expect you to get it, so if anybody else got it instead, let me just say “Hi, How’s it going?”
    I want to send you one of those old fashioned ‘hand-written’ letters too, so let me know when you have an address you will be in for a couple of weeks or more!

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