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Fare thee well, Annaleis! September 6, 2006

Filed under: England,Friends and Family,The Social Scene — Annaleis @ 7:40 pm

Yay! Finally I’ve found a little gap of time in between visiting people for the last time, dentist visits and freighting bags to Melbourne at the eleventh hour! The clouds of disorganisation have parted momentarily to permit me to share with you these photos from Saturday night.

And a one and a two and a…

Brendan and Bread, looking mighty cold.

Cammo and Al, looking mighty friendly.

Cassie and Ally, looking mighty smokey.

Flugel, Cassie, Ally and Dad, looking mighty talkative.

Brendan: Know how I know you’re gay?
Gio: How?
Brendan: You giggle like a woman every time I lovingly stroke your chest.

Marcus: Know how I know you’re tough?
Geoff: How?
Marcus: You can drink VB and still put your manly arm around me without looking like a powder puff.
Geoff: Too roight.
Nicole, Cat and Me looking mighty awesome.
Panning shot during the speech.

Steph looking mighty frost-bitten.

Well ok, that was a selection of photos from the Saturday night bash up at my house. If you want to see more, you’ll have to come to my house, break the door down and twist my arms around ’til my elbows are behind my ears. Like you could.

Oh alright, I suppose you could just check out my Flickr account, or raid other people’s cameras who were there on the night. Whatevs.

3 days to go…


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