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Thanks. September 3, 2006

Filed under: England,Friends and Family,The Social Scene — Annaleis @ 7:31 pm

This post will not contain any images or long winded tales. They will come later. I would just like to thank all my friends and family who were able to come up for my farewell to have some drinks, and remember the silly things we used to get up to.

I’ve got to start packing my suitcases very soon. I have a lot of people still to see and say goodbye to, so this last week in Tasmania will go very fast.
For those who are curious, I leave early Saturday morning, and fly to Melbourne, Aukland, Los Angeles then over the Atlantic to London. I have somewhere to stay for the first week or so, then I’m going to head out where there’s lots to see and lots of work.

I will try and post on my blog fairly soon after I get there, and if I can’t do that I’ll send out an email or two.

Yes, I’m very excited and yes, I’m very scared. Especially since I keep insisting on watching the news. I’ll be homesick, tired and teary, but I’ll be OK. Things can only get better from there. Once I’m off the plane I’ll feel so much better.
I’ll post some pics later from the weekend.

Thanks guys.


7 Responses to “Thanks.”

  1. Em Says:

    sorry i didn’t make it!! it’s not the easiest of drives from here with that weather… i’m gonna try and come down tomorrow but i’ll call first to see if you can *hugsss*

  2. Annaleis Says:

    No worries Em, I’ll see you before I go 😀 I’m going to the dentist tomorrow morning but apart from that I’m free. Argh! Dentist!

  3. Josie Says:

    Any chance that I can get password to view locked and incredibly intriguing post?

  4. Annaleis Says:

    hehe…um, are you sure about that?

  5. Danielle Says:

    Glad you had a good night.

    Take care and have fun.

  6. deaddarla Says:

    argh we’s gonna miss ya!

  7. Bread Says:

    The photos look great! Don’t forget to email the rest (or ask others to send to me…) I had lots of fun!!!

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