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Today was arse. August 29, 2006

Filed under: Education — Annaleis @ 5:22 pm

I had a shocking relief day today – grade 3/4’s. One of them (who was medicated daily because of his behaviour) thought it would be a great idea to steal all the goodies (chips/chocolate/Nutella etc) out of about 10 different lunchboxes – none of which belonged to him, and none of which belonged to anyone in his own class.

After downing about 6 Freddo Frogs, the sugar started to kick in. Defiance, swearing, finger-up-sticking, constant shouting, you name it.

As any respectable teacher would do, I went through all the ‘behavioural policy’ steps that the school suggests you follow if you would like to keep being employed by them (and the Department of Education for that matter) – ie. no slapping them up the chops.

Classroom Behaviour Flowchart:

  1. Establish a supportive classroom environment by discussing class expectations, obligations, and revisiting students’ rights and responsibilities. – CHECK
  2. Non-verbal directions (Head shake/gesture/’teacher glare’) – CHECK
  3. Verbal directions/rule reminders – refer to inappropriate behaviour/praise appropriate behaviour – CHECK
  4. Time out in class – remove student to desk on his/her own away from other distractions – CHECK
  5. Green Card – If behaviour is not amended or continues during or after first time out, student is sent to work in another room for a predetermined time. – CHECK
  6. Red Card – If student does not co-operate with ‘time out’ procedure, is uncontrollable, or is a danger to themselves or others, senior staff are called to remove student from class. CHECK

He was ‘red carded’ before recess, and senior staff had to come and get him out of the room. It was only after this that the food stealing and consumption was brought to my attention. Another staff member and I check his work desk and lo and behold, we found the remains of his stash – a few Freddo wrappers, and a few stolen rubbers. He’d taken the rest of the food with him in his bag when he’d been removed from the room. Little sod.

He was also no better when he was allowed back into my class after lunch.

I hated today. It was arse.


11 Responses to “Today was arse.”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Nothing a good slappin’ wouldn’t fix.

  2. Gio Says:

    The cane was retired too early perhaps?

  3. Annaleis Says:

    It’s still legal in the NT – perhaps I should go there!

  4. Al Says:

    A cattle prod would perhaps pull them in line 😉

  5. Bread Says:

    Don’t worry, i felt like that too yesterday. I almost lost it completly with one kid…Roll on Friday (or the holidays for that matter).

  6. Rex Says:

    I love ARSE as an adjective. I feel ARSE today. After all that KFC my arse is ARSE!

  7. Annaleis Says:

    Or, for the younger generation: I feel BUM.

  8. Em Says:

    No respect.
    Did you guys ever get a “note” in your copybook when in primary school? We used to, in Italy, when misbehaving (or whatever we were doing wrong). The teacher would write in one of our copybooks or in our diary that we were not behaving properly, and the parents would have to sign it. So you copped a lecture from the teacher, plus the shame of standing in front of all the classmates while the note was being written… and then when you went home you copped another one from the parentals. It used to put the fear of God in our shaky little hearts. My mom would spank me so hard i’d not be able to sit down for a while. Man, bring back the spanking I say!

  9. Annaleis Says:

    I wish – they’d most likely be being cheered by their classmates, or it’d be such a common thing that the class simply wouldn’t care – it’s become a bit ho-hum.
    Plus I know of some of parents/home situations where the parent would either not care what their kids are doing at school, one way or the other, or actually encourage their kids to rebel against their captors (ie teachers). I think this child was of the latter description.

  10. Em Says:

    Yeh that’s the whole thing, isn’t it, what the parents do about it. You can only do so much, unfortunately. Just poison the little critter.

  11. Annaleis Says:

    Beating with a stick is much more satisfying.

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