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There’s a little Sadie in all of us August 19, 2006

Filed under: Ramblings — Annaleis @ 1:08 pm

I started the gargantuan task yesterday of cleaning my room.

In about 2 hours I got 1 full garbage bag of rubbish, and another one full of clothes to take to Vinnies.

Half an hour into today’s cleanup session and I am fast approaching another 2 full bags of junk that I don’t need. And I found about 10 pairs of shoes that have overstayed their welcome.

I wonder how many days I can keep this up?

Poor Charlie got lost in the room-jungle yesterday, I had to rescue him from under the dresser. He was stuck between a shoebox lid full of crochet books and the corner of the walk-in, and was having trouble navigating the vast amount of cords that snake around the room and congregate under the dresser. Bless his little cotton socks – he was trying to find a place to lay another egg!


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