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I know this was two weeks ago but… August 7, 2006

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I just couldn’t get the pics on here for youse blokes to gaze upon in a timely fashion.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, the night went a little something like this…

We rendezvoused at Nicole’s joint at approx. 1900 hrs.

We went to Stage Door the Cafe for tea – 1930 hrs.

From there we made our own ways down town, and met up at the Beach Hotel. Many ‘bar specials’ were consumed there, although sadly, we lost a few of our numbers at The Beach; some actually sporting the excuse ‘We’re going to Mum’s for tea tomorrow’ (Hanna!).

Eventually we drifted to the new ‘Sirocco’s’, which proved to be the weakness of some of the surviving members of our troupe. Whilst the clever ones amongst us were not fooled by the MDF cladding and shaky floors of the new Roccos, others were lured onto its throbbing dancefloor, like bullemics to a toilet bowl. Those of us who were not in its mighty grip took this as a sign from the heavens that it was time to cut our losses, and so we parted ways, and Gibbo did spake unto Allison and I ‘Let’s bugger off’.

Together we toured the Gibbo Plaza, drank his coffee and sampled his culinary delights, then we wandered off to our very own home for the night.

For Ally and I, it happened to be Casey’s home. There was no kitchen, nor were there any glasses. We drank from a bowl (we found in the kitchen, not the toilet), which Ally filled from the bathroom sink. We slept well into the next day.

All in all, it was a good night 😀 Well, I had fun anyway.

These were all taken before we left Nicole’s. I would have been too smashed to take it into town with me. 😉

Me ‘n Gibbo

Ben ‘n Hanna

Cass ‘n Me

Ally ‘n Gibbo

Nicooooooooooole ‘n Me

In other news…My Visa’s been approved!  It’s in the mail.  Allegedly.


One Response to “I know this was two weeks ago but…”

  1. Jon Says:

    Allison got to meet Tony Blair?

    That is so awesome!

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