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Hobart trip – July 2006 July 27, 2006

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Yes yes yes, it seems you’re becoming bored with looking at David Hasslehoff – amazingly – and tonight I’m suddenly not as busy as I have been lately, so I’d better get on with updating the goss about July.

Hobart trip:

Hanna, Nicole and I journeyed on down the Midlands earlier this month to visit a few friends. We bumped into some old and some new friends, and met up with the likes of Alastair, Ally and Cat and Wally.

Here are some random and silly pics that I took whilst down there. And no I didn’t get drunk. I’m not that sort.

Here’s Hanna in her PJ’s looking like a candy cane. You really dont want to see the focused one.

Cat with Nicole, doing her best Patsy-from-Ab-Fab impression.

Alastair and Cat think it’s wonderful to be here.

Ally, Cat and Me. I’m not drunk.

Redrum, Mrs Torrence, redrum!

A crazed glasses swapping frenzy. I’m not drunk.

And so ended a rather busy night of drinking and whatnot. I was totally amazed that Cat’s kids didn’t wake up once the whole time we were there. Some people were getting a bit rowdy during the evening, but I did my best to quiet them down. I’m nice like that.

The next morning we headed back round to Cat’s house for a much needed coffee and a photoshoot with the kidlings. Here’s a cute one of them being a typical brother and sister:

Girl germs no returns!

That’s about all on the Hobart front, except I got out of driving home because of the appearance of a mysterious headache. Good old McCafe soon fixed that though!

Until next time (which will probably be tonight), signing off.


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