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Something silly July 17, 2006

Filed under: Ramblings — Annaleis @ 5:20 pm

Every time I check out my blog dashboard I like to take a look at what people have been searching for to find my site. This allows me to glimpse into the minds of the more twisted visitors, and try to imagine what in the hell they had in mind when they stumbled upon this mighty bloglet.

I’d also like to know whether or not these people were satisfied with what their search engine of choice found for them…

Here are the search phrases in order of appearance:

  • My dog is constantly twitching
  • Geoff Jansz wife and girlfriend
  • Licking with 16
  • Free crochet willy warmers
  • Funny jpegs to make you piss your pants
  • Sweet Devon (Flugel says she’s a really hot porn star, I’m worried about that boy.)
  • Ants tasmania home pests launceston
  • Sweaty hands and sore tummy in children
  • Sniff her undies
  • Disturbing knitting
  • Geoff Jansz and his children
  • Organs of speech with Oscar’s face
  • Shit his pants
  • Long tongue.jpg
  • Doodle draw
  • Playboy mansion Don Vito
  • Dog lick peanut butter
  • The nuts scene in Scary Movie 4
  • Unbearable lightness of being
  • My teacher licked me out
  • Kid licks out teacher in toilet
  • Smell story sniffed around
  • Hoe do you do a quiff at the front of yo
  • Lipstick on him


I wonder what it’s like to knit a rectum?


4 Responses to “Something silly”

  1. me Says:

    whats happenin chicken legs. i like your bloget. the guts are very cool what else do u use em for. just wondering what u are doing for bday? u partying this weekend or next? just wanted to no so i can plan my diary. love you

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Hi Haf! No birthday plans yet because not sure what I want to do and stuff, prolly the week after bday so I’ll have more time to get organised.
    I actually kinda forgot about it :S
    What you wanna do?

  3. me Says:

    prob cum and c you sat or Sunday, got a famly tea on saturday nite. your 23 tomorrow he he

  4. Blue Gal Says:

    just picking out the yarn for the rectum is beyond my imagination…

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