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British Bulldog July 13, 2006

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I guess I should give you guys a little look-see into what is actually happening concerning my trip to England. There is good news and there is bad.

The last time I talked about the UK trip on here was the last time I heard from The Guy. Since then I had become downheartened with contacting him at least every week for an update on the job hunting progress.

I grew weary of always being the instigator of these conversations, and it only seemed that he responded with a job offer or a promise of putting my CV forward to schools after I visited their jobs website and found several suitable options, then emailed him my findings. It seemed that I was doing his job for him.

Not once did he back up his promises of telling me what the schools did with my application. Each time i suggested he do some work he always replied with ‘I’ll let you know as soon as they get back to me’. Evidently no-one ever got back to him. There was never any initiative from him to contact me if something came up, and I got sick of it.

Eventually I thought I’d see what would happen if I stopped being the one who began the conversations. I have heard nothing from him nor his agency since. Nonetheless, I have shelved this into the ‘no big loss’ category of my mind.

On that last day I spent waiting for him I finally snapped, and spent a whole half hour searching for other agencies in the business of recruiting Australian teachers for the UK. I applied for four online, and have been contacted by all of them.

Two of these agencies in particular have been very up front with my chances of getting a job so late in the British school year, and have given it to me straight that my best option at this point is to come over to guaranteed relief work in September, and get a contracted position through face-to-face interviews. This is why I am still aiming for arriving in September.

The British long summer holiday break begins next week and goes until early September, so there is no point of me arriving before that date without having some sort of income.

My Working Holiday Visa application has been sent off, I hope to book my flight tickets soon, and I wait for the day when I stand in the freezing crisp of the English autumn morning, waiting for a bus to take me away to my first day of school.


One Response to “British Bulldog”

  1. josiethinks Says:

    Hang in there, it will happen. The main thing is that if you want something bad enough it will happen! I am planning our big move to Melbourne, so therefore starting the process of hunting for contact/jobs again. sigh
    Josie xo

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