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Let us hope the voice is up to it July 6, 2006

Filed under: Education — Annaleis @ 6:30 pm

Today I was given a mission. Not an impossible one, but rather a lucrative and fun one. Music teacher for a day. Can she hack it? YES SHE CAN!

Behold, audacious audience, this be not the first time I have been asked, nay, begged to engage students temporarily in the cunning crafts of the crotchet. Many a student has sat agog at the sheer savviness I display during games of ‘remember the pattern’ or ‘who stole the cookie from the cookie jar’.

We, the members of my music classes have been known to skillfully prepare and perform melodious tunes, the likes of which have not been seen since the days of Puccini or Verdi. Occasionally I have even stumbled upon the odd Peter Allen in my travels as a wandering school bard.

And just what is it that these mellifluous minors (haha minors, a pun intended to play on the fact that these students are under legal age, as well as a description of a popular chord structure, and not only that, but rather fittingly it describes a species of bird, and we all know how well some of those can sing! It’s a hat-trick! But I digress…)


And just what is it that these mellifluous minors are going to do come the good morrow? I have not yet devised a cunning stratagem as of yet. Give me time.


How did Liza get it so, so wrong?


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