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Hanna and Ben – Congratulations July 4, 2006

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This past weekend marked the celebration of one of my dear friends’ engagment to her long-time boyfriend. Hanna and Ben invited friends and family over to their house for drinks and nibblies, cake and speeches. Much fun and jubilation was had by all.
Nicole and I arrived in style – I drove the Pulsar – and together we immediately livened up the party (ie; first to arrive apart from immediate family). We made ourselves at home by placing coats over chair backs and sipping alcoholic beverages.

Hanna begged us not to bring gifts, so she only got a card. When she’s least expecting it we’ll all chip in and get her that wok and colander set she’s always dreamed of for a wedding present. Don’t you worry about that, lovely boy.

Throughout the night, we mingled, we mangled, and we mungled. A fire-pot was tipped over onto the driveway, sending sparks flying about the backyard, and a five-year-old tripped and cried for ten minutes. Much champagne was consumed. Especially by Hanna. 😉


Johanna and Ben

Unfortunately, my camera did not like the light outside where the cake and speech ceremony took place, but I think you can still see a few ecstatic faces in there…especially the kids watching the cake being cut!


Bloody vultures!

Congratulations Hanna and Ben!


One Response to “Hanna and Ben – Congratulations”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Awww I wish I had of been there now 😦

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