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Flowers and Frills July 2, 2006

Filed under: Crochet — Annaleis @ 11:53 pm

Hello folks. My voice has returned and I have had harsh words with it, although – despite my harsh authority – it is still threatening to give me the silent treatment.

So, what to do, what to do? In order to avoid the ongoing pain I still experience through vocalisation, I devised a cunning plan which not only allows, but fosters communication en masse, and yet does not rely on the vibratory reflexes of certain bodily organs.

I speak of the blogging mechanism all humans possess in their subconscious. Luckily I know how to tap into my sub-blogging mind, and it is from here that I speak to you. Through the keyboard.

Such is the birth of this latest blog post. Now let’s get on with it.

Not too long ago I was inspired by reading this blog to start making my own flowers to applique onto various things.

I really liked this bag that she decorated using crochet flowers:


Isn’t it awesome?

I thought I’d try my hand it creating my own flower to put onto something or other, and I even had a good stab at writing it down 😉


Next to a British 5 pence – slightly smaller than an Aussie 5 cent

It doens’t matter how big or small you make these, this one was made with fine doiley cotton and a 1.75mm hook.

I used the magic adjustable ring method to start mine off.

Rd 1: work 12 tr into the magic ring, pull tight and join with sl st.

Rd 2: ch 3 (acts as 1st tr), tr in next st, ch 3. (2 tr, 3 ch) all the way around to start of round. Join with sl st. You should have 10 tr with 6 ch 3 sp. And it should look like a wagon wheel.;)

Rd 3: dc into next 2 sts. Now you should be at the start of the ch 3 space. In that space work *(1 half tr, 2 tr, 1 double tr, 3 ch, 1 double tr, 2 tr, 1 half tr)*. Dc around to next ch space and repeat *-*.

Rd 4: (optional) dc right around edge in contrasting colour, work (2d2, 2ch, 2 dc) into each ch space at top of petal. (Not shown)

Roberto’s your grandparents’ son.

I have found some other flowers created by other people that I like too. I made some for the bag I have in mind (but have yet to make/purchase), and added my own little bits of crap flair. Here they is:


Flower pattern found here – I think it’s in the archive section still being transported from her old blog. If you really want the pattern just email me. Fluffy layer and pearls added later.


flowers-blue-and-brown.JPG pink-crochet-flower.JPG

The front flower on the left pic and the pink flower are the same pattern, though in different sized yarn. You can find the pattern for these here.


I added picots to the outer leaf points to make them a bit pointier.

The pink flower isn’t going on MY bag, nosiree. MY bag is going to be a blue and brown themed bag of sheer bagness. The pink is for…other things.

Lastly but not leastly, I tried my hand at beady things involving chains and pliers. I didn’t think I’d be very interested or very good at making things this way, but I think tonight’s effort wasn’t a bad one, for a first try. None-the-less, beady-pliering in all liklihood is going to stay a blue-moon activity for me.


Not the greatest portrayal, but it’s pinned into my ball of Moda Vera ‘Parade’. It also features a handsome array of faux pearls and those funny bits of chain that are keeping it all together.

There ya go Ally: a post of all the stuff I’ve been making during my days of lethargy and confinment. The only thing I forgot was to take a photo of all the stuff Mum and I bought from Spotlight today. Believe me when I say it was a lot of stuff. But we needed it.



5 Responses to “Flowers and Frills”

  1. deaddarla Says:

    …and for the few minutes of sheer bliss that was not writing a paper
    makes me want to create stuff also! They look fab 🙂

  2. Jon Says:

    WOW, and I mean WOW, your flowers turned out much better than mine! I think perhaps I went overboard with the pink, I should have added some more variety, but I just couldn’t resist my favorite colour! Looks like you’ll have the best looking bag. 😀

  3. Danielle Says:

    I crochet too – but haven’t tried flowers. I’m making a blanket from squares at the mo. I feel old.

  4. Annaleis Says:

    They’re easy, just do em in some wool or something so they’re nice and big, then sew them to Geoff’s PJ’s when he’s asleep. He’ll thank you later. 😉
    Click the links if you want the patterns

  5. Bread Says:

    Annaleis can you make me some flowers too? They look great! You could do brooches too!!

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