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Gone June 29, 2006

Filed under: Ramblings — Annaleis @ 12:24 pm

I woke up at 7 o’clock this morning to a phone call from a school asking if I could come in today on relief. As my mum prodded me and handed me the phone, I sat there gasping ‘Mum, I can’t talk! I can’t talk!’, but alas, she couldn’t hear me, and subsequently returned to her room.

So I sat and coughed and spluttered, phone in hand, untlil I thoguht I had mustered up enough throat juices to talk into the phone and be heard.

I was wrong.

“Hello?” I croaked. Halfway through that miniscule word my voice cracked again and disappeared. “I’m sorry, but my voice isn’t working today,” I was forced to whisper. Come on, it was 7am. Give me a break.

“Hi Annaleis, I was ringing to see if you could come in today, but it looks like you’re sick. Seeya.” Click. She had hung up.

My voice, or lack thereof, had just cost me $200.

I went back to bed hoping that a few more hours sleep would help my vocal chords get it together. It didn’t help a bit. I think they’ve just gone AWOL.


If you’ve seen them lurking in a cupboard, or have felt them whispering sweet nothings in your ear, drop me a line. I’ll come and get them. And they’ll be in trouble.


9 Responses to “Gone”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Good to see you’re linking Wikipedia every chance you get.
    I like it.

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Are you making fun of me, mister?

  3. Al Says:

    We’d never make fun of a mute!

  4. Annaleis Says:

    Maybe I could take up mime…literal mime…

  5. Al Says:

    Depends on what type of mime you’d be? A funny mime or an evil French mime….

  6. Annaleis Says:

    I like the creepy ones. They make the children cry and the adults squirm.

  7. deaddarla Says:

    those vocal cords look an awful lot like a vagina…or Corradore (sic?) from Plasmo!

  8. Annaleis Says:

    You should see the diagrams they gave me last year at Vocal Skills 101…

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