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The Job Hunt continues June 21, 2006

Filed under: England — Annaleis @ 7:47 pm

Here I am, still sitting in Tasmania waiting for The UK Guy to ring me or email me.

Since turning down the Devon job, stupidly assuming that there would be plenty more to follow, I have only had one other sniff of a UK teaching placement. This one is in Chigwell, Essex. Not to be confused with Chigwell, Tasmania.


The Guy asked me about applying for a grade 3 class in Chigwell, and was hoping to arrange and interview over the phone with them. Since then he has realised that the school may not be allowed to employ me (me being a first year out teacher) because they are a 'special measures' school, which means that they are having some sort of management difficulty, and need to pull their socks up.

The Guy is currently looking into it for me.

As I type this blog entry, it is 10 of the AM in England. He still hasn't gotten back to me and I'm starting to get a little anxious, a little annoyed, and a little tired of waiting.

So, as it stands, I could be living and working in Essex, which is north-east of London, but if this latest teaching bid fails, I have asked The Guy to start looking for places in London, which was previously out-of-bounds for me.

There's also a rather nice looking position in St Albans too that looks pretty good…

I think I've broken down those barriers in my head about living in a city, and I'm telling myself that if only he could get me a term's worth of work in London, I could get another job for the next terms out of London, and end up in the Cotswolds or something!

The other thing I like about London is that there are a fair few 'reception' jobs going there. I'm not sure why they don't just call it Kindergarten like everyone else! 😉

Wouldn't that be grand?

So, come on, The Guy, email me!


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