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Holiday Rundown June 20, 2006

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Did ya miss me?

You don't have to answer that, I can see the answer in your eyes. The way you roll them towards the ceiling really does speak volumes. 😉

As some of you know, I've done a round trip of Tassie in the past week. Except I accidently missed out the West Coast. Oh well, maybe next time. There's some beautiful scenery down there.

As it happened I traipsed east along the Bass Highway, then turned south onto the Midlands Highway and stopped when I got to Hobart. I stayed with Al while I was there, and we got up to some evil shenanigans! I also got to see a lot of other friends, which I was really happy about, especially since Al ended up doing most of the driving. It might be the last time I see them for a while, if I still get to go to England this September! (But more on that another time…)

I saw Flugel and Steph, Ally, Cat and Wally and their kiddies, and another friend Claire, who I hadn't seen for years, and her husband and new baby, who is only 6 weeks old! (Aaaw…)

100_2000.JPG 100_2011.JPG

Gotta love 'em, Alastair and Flugel, those crazy coots!

I dragged a rather silly Al out to Claremont for a Cadbury Factory tour. Value for money, I say, even if it is a little boring. That probably had something to do with half the workers knocking off around 1pm. Right when our tour was. The highlights of the tour were as follows:

  • We all had to wear silly hats, so our hair didn't fall into the chocolate;
  • The tour guide was bitter and twisted, and half her hair was hanging out of her hairnet;
  • Alastair had to wear a beard net as well as a hair net. HA!
  • Although the tour guide stessed the importance of not contaminating anything, she flagrantly ignored a moth that was flying about near a mixing machine;
  • We got lots of free chocolate;
  • On the way out I spent over $45 at the chocolate shop.

This is what I bought:


5 kilograms of chocolate in a lovely brown box


Turkish Delights, Fruit and Nut Dairy Milk, 2 blocks of dark chocolate

and the free box of 'Favourites' they gave us on the way out

Unfortunately, we could not eat it all on the way home in the car, so now it's at home being picked at by choc-vultures.

Come Saturday morning, Al and I packed up our swags, checked our oil and drove on up to Launceston. Land of Smog. There we had a bit of a party, in celebration of Brendan and Al's birthdays! During this time, Gio lost one of my gloves (that fiend!), and Brendan lost his top-hat. A sad occasion for all. We made up for it by drinking lots then walking back to BC's house to sleep.


"The Penguin? Does it look like Batman is my nemisis to you?!…"


…and what a ripper of a party it was…

I will leave you now to gaze serenely at some of the pictures I took on the Bass Highway last week, between Elizabeth Town and Deloraine. Enjoy.




Winter in Tasmania eh? No such thing!


3 Responses to “Holiday Rundown”

  1. Bread Says:

    I still haven’t finished my box of cadbury’s choccies yet. Good luck with ur pimples!!

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Thanks Bread Bread, my pimples said to say hello 😉

  3. Bread Says:

    Aww, and a big hello to your pimples too. Especially the one on your shoulders! (Ha Ha!)

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