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Shopping update June 15, 2006

Filed under: The Social Scene — Annaleis @ 11:19 am

Yesterday was a successful day of shopping with Alastair.  That madman. 

He drove me to the thriving capital of Hobart: Glenorchy, where we witnessed short people, people in wheelchairs trying to ram into people with their broken legs, and lots of cakey makeup.

And yet I was not disappointed.

Target provided all my thermal needs, and Hungry Jacks provided all my grease needs. Thanks for dragging me there Al!

I also bought the new Eskimo Joe album for a pretty good price, $21 or something. Unfortunately I haven't been able to listen to it yet 😦

Right now we're going to CADBURY'S! for a factory tour, and to buy lots of sweet gooey things.

After that we're going to see Cat, then later tonight, Flugel.

More updates later, and maybe photos. Of chocolate.

Oh yeah, what do you think of the new theme?   


4 Responses to “Shopping update”

  1. Al Says:

    The new theme is merveilleux. It’s much like the ring of fire.

  2. Em Says:

    i liked the old one better 🙂 more irish 🙂

  3. Annaleis Says:

    You reckon? I’m giving this one a week or two before I decide for good 😉 there are actually a lot of WordPress themes out just this week that you can change the header with and stuff, I might look into one of those and create my own blog monster!

  4. Em Says:

    Kewl! I still like the green one 😀

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