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Launceston June 6, 2006

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Aah, shopping, it's what all females love to do. A fair few of you blokes do too, Yessss, I know your secrets! You cannot fool me!

Because we're on holidays, my good friend/former roomie Bread and I took an overnight trip into the foggy realm of Launceston. There was some good shopping to be had, and some 1 star accommodation at Chateau Brendan; where the sinks are grey, the taps scream of the unholy terrors of the night, and God-only-knows what you're sitting on. And even he cringes.

Upon Lonny arrival we hit the shops, pretty hard, barely stopping for breath. Bread swiftly set the challenge by buying a pair of shoes, and I opened the shopping-throttle further by acquiring a trendy glasses case at a reasonable price. She quickly retaliated by dragging me into 'My Habitat', thereby forcing me to thrash back by ransacking a CD shop, and losing a significant monetary sum in the process!

(I bought Eric Bibb's album 'Friends', and the new Whitlams album 'Little Cloud', both great albums so far!)

We hunted hither and thither for bargains, and soon came tumbling out of Birchalls, noses twitching and jaws salivating for more shops, clutching bags of educational books and cards in our sweaty hands.

We scourged the mall until 5pm, then drove to K-Mart, and that, dear reader, was a bad move. We were in there for a good hour, just playing. Twenty hard-earned dollars later and I emerged brandishing some must-have sale items.

In the end, we had to overcome the shopping demons, for there were no more shopping frontiers left for us to scour. We slowly wound down from the fray, and checked into our accommodation.

Chateau Brendan was comfortable, but bitterly cold. The guys there had a 'no heating' policy, which they refused to budge even a tiny bit during our stay. Unfortunately for Bread, I baggsed the good couch, and had posession of a magical sleeping bag which could withstand temperatures of -5 degrees celcius. Thanks to this small mercy, I only developed a few stallegtites by morning.

Poor Bread had to make do with two blankets a doona, a jacket, three pairs of socks and her pyjamas. And if that wasn't bad enough, she had to get up during the night to set up her bed on the ground, because her couch just wasn't cutting the comfort-cheese.

I used a crow-bar to prise her frozen bum off the floor this morning. I'll sell it on Ebay if anyone's interested.

I'll leave that statement ambiguous, if you don't mind. You think what you want.

I have only one regret about this expedition. I failed to buy a pair of shoes. I found the perfect pair: comfortable, stylish, easy to wear with evening and casual dress, and no fiddley zips or laces. The deal-breaker was that they were one size too big.

Until next time, Volleys! I shall be waiting for you. Goodbive!

thumbs up.JPG
Next week: Annaleis and Brendan tackle the polar-capped southern regions of Hobart. Stay tuned!


6 Responses to “Launceston”

  1. Cat Says:

    hmmm I wanna stay at the Chateau Brendan….sounds awesomly cold, do you get a free continental breakfast???

  2. Cat Says:

    oh yeah, who the hell is Eric Bibb?????

  3. Em Says:

    Stallegtites? come on… you can do better than that *sigh*

  4. Annaleis Says:

    “The maxim ‘Nothing avails but perfection’ spells paralysis” – Winston Churchill

  5. Geoff Says:

    Eric Bibb. What a groover.

  6. Bread Says:

    I can’t believe you’re trying to sell my butt on ebay.

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