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Some site! June 3, 2006

Filed under: Ramblings — Annaleis @ 2:18 pm

In the style of Charlotte A. Cavatica, "I am sure that everyone of us here in the mists of Cyberdom will be gratified to learn that after seven weeks of unremitting effort and patience on the part of the author, she now has something to show for it".

Today, thanks to you people, I have reached 1,001 hits on this terrific, radiant and humble site!


Charlotte – Araneus cavaticus


I have one more announcement to make:

My good friend Cat had been inspired to create her own blog!

It's at, so go check it out!
Congratulations Cat, I've always pondered the inner workings of your daily life, and now I can find out at the click of a button!


2 Responses to “Some site!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    LOL you will soon leard that Iam infact insane!! Mwhahahah!!!! Well you gotta be to have 2 kids don’t you???

    Congrats on getting to 1000 hits. WooHoooo!!!

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Insanity is just a state of mind, but I prefer it that way.

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